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20th Dec 2016

Tasty Lunch Treats In Talbot 101


Restaurant reviews are strange. It’s always about the latest shit hot place to open. The BBQ joint, the Korean infusion food with trendy gin bar or the inevitable Paleo spot. People love to hear about the latest new stuff opening in their town but that does a massive disservice to the hundreds of brilliant restaurants out there who have been going for years. The simple fact is that more 50% of restaurants fail within a couple of years of opening. The really good ones are few and far between.

Talbot 101

Talbot Street isn’t exactly the biggest culinary hotspot in the world. It is about as well known for good food as Vladimir Putin is known for loving gay people. Talbot has been around for years but it isn’t a spot that many of us would think of going to. Parking is tough down there, it doesn’t feel safe at night and there isn’t really anywhere nice to have a drink before or after. Despite all the challenges this is a restaurant that has been around and shining for years.

Talbot 101

Service was swift. My pasta with fresh seafood was absolutely stunning. There couldn’t have been bigger, chunkier pieces of fresh fish in there if they’d tried. Most chefs are tight bastards when it comes to cooking this sort of dish (fish is expensive) but it felt like they blew the weekly budget on this dish. My lunch companion had a lovely piece of fish which was exactly the size you’d want for lunch. The staff were all visibly working their asses off clearly knowing the pressure people are under at lunch time. No need for chit chat, dusting crumbs off the table or long menu descriptions at lunch time. Just give the fucking customers the food, get the their bill and get them out the door. That is all people want and Talbot 101 get that.

Talbot 101

This is a quality little spot that we’ve all forgotten about over the years. They are good at what they do and they do it with super efficiency. Give it lash and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Super little spot that is worth the trek.