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20th Dec 2016

The Magic Button Every Restaurant Needs To Install Right Now


What is that stupid gesture that we all make when we are looking for the bill in a restaurant? You know it…the one where you wave your hand in the air pretending to write on it and winking at the waiter like somebody who has just been let out of Dundrum central mental hospital. Where did that gesture even come from and why is passed from generation to generation? I think that waiters have grown so annoyed with it that they purposely look the complete other direction thinking “there goes another wanker giving it the air bill sign. I’ll ignore him for 20 minutes”. When it comes to getting the bill or the attention of waiting staff in general I find it one of the most annoying experiences associated with eating out. That is until I walked in to the Science Gallery last week for a quick bite of lunch and spotted the most incredible piece of technology known to man…

How It Works

So all the waiting staff and a couple of people in the kitchen where the coffee is made get to wear little watches which give them a gentle pulse when somebody wants their attention. At first it feels like a gimmick but when you push the button and see somebody floating over to your table instantly without missing a step you feel amazing and it enhances your experience massively. Everywhere needs to get this installed immediately to improve all of our lives.

The Food Itself

This isn’t really a full review as such but I did want to say that the food in the Science Gallery has really improved and is of a really high standard. My pizza was simple and just what I wanted although it could have been due to the fact that I missed breakfast and was fucking starving by the time my late lunch came around.
The salad came on a large chopping board style presentation as well which is a great way of tricking you in to thinking you are not eating that much at all! The place is seriously buzzy at lunchtime and although it is part of Trinity it is actually full of corporate types. They also happen to do a mean coffee and cake but it’s the smile on your face as you push the button to get your bill and it arrives 20 seconds later that will leave you with a smile on your face walking out the door. Wonderful technology.
If you haven’t been to the science gallery you should check it out as a great place to spend a bit of time working with a laptop, getting inspired and eat some great food.

The View From Others

I am only one person eating there on one night so with a view to giving a more balanced review here are some other people who have reviewed the place.
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