Big Portions And Brilliantly Inventive Cooking At Sister Sadie's Brand New Supper Club

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


Most of my reviews talk you through a dining experience from the starter working its way through to the end of the meal, but this time I wanted to flip things on their head and start with the coffee.

Coffee in restaurants is pretty shitty. Even in the super high-end award-winning restaurants. The reasons for this are down to simple economics, with restaurants unable to justify hiring a full-time barista or to put proper processes in place. The answer is usually whatever is quickest, easiest to fit into the restaurant and whatever has the best margin.

And the net result? You get way better coffee in corner speciality shops than you do in Michelin Star restaurants.

On the flip side, though, the good coffee shops usually only serve sandwiches and pastries – so getting great food alongside world-class coffee is like searching for a leprechaun riding a unicorn.

Luckily this week I found somewhere to buck that trend... Sister Sadie.

You probably know the place and its sibling Brother Hubbard from the wonderful brunches and lunch trade that they do.

The good news now, though, is that both have started a supper club which runs from Wednesday to Saturday night, where they bring their unique style to the dinner market.

The focus is on Middle Eastern cooking and the menus are imaginative, exciting and bold in a way that very few places around town are these days. Better still, the fact that they're effectively cafes means that the vibe is laid-back and wine is on hand to help you relax even further into the evening after work.

I started with a seafood mezze which was nothing short of spectacular. Big bold flavours, lots of variety and although it was marked as "small" there was nothing small about it – a perfect starter for two people but, in fact, way too big for one.

Next up were the meatballs which came with goat's cheese and flatbreads for scooping up the deep rich tomato sauce. Every plate that they serve up in here are as pretty as a picture and you nearly worry about disturbing the food.

The portions are so big that one dish would be plenty and I ended up leaving half my meatballs not because they weren't delicious but because I was stuffed.

Not too stuffed not to try dessert though!

A delicious berry brownie was as good as any I have ever had in the city, and served with a lovely berry-whipped cream and crunch pieces it was the perfect dessert.

Let's go back to the coffee, though, which I ordered alongside my dessert..

As I said, the coffee is often so bad in Dublin restaurants that I've actually stopped ordering it at all. Here, though, my Americano was rich, deep in colour and big on flavour. I don't want to have some tasteless bitter dark shit in a cup that ruins my whole meal like most places serve.

Instead here I was walking down South Circular road with a wonderful meal in my belly and savage coffee flavours swirling around my tastebuds.

The supper club has only been going for a week so it was quiet enough – but make no mistake, this place will be packed to the rafters soon.

With a warm, friendly and hospitable glow and terrific food, all I can say is this: Do yourself a favour and get down there asap.

Some of their dishes