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20th Dec 2016

This Is Without Question The Best Kebab You’ll Find In Dublin


I’ve stumbled across many review sites or forums where people have argued about the best kebab in Dublin. 

The usual names that pop up are Zaytoon or Iskanders and while both are excellent, there’s one little known spot that trumps them both. 

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Passion4Food is on Clanbrassil Street and despite having a pretty horrendous name, no website and almost no social media presence, they’re geniuses when it comes to making kebabs.

There’s no pretensions about the place and you can see the meat being marinated, cooked and sliced in front of you. 

Another great sight is the bread proving on trays and the guys cooking it in their big stone oven. You can actually stand and watch them doing it through the window. I’m always extra confident eating in a restaurant that has such an open kitchen, because it encourages sublime hygiene standards. 

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You can get a whole variety of kebabs here, but I always go for the chicken shish meal. The huge pieces of juicy chicken are as tender as it gets, with the wonderful smokey flavour of the cooking method mixing beautifully with the bread, sauces and sides. 

The whole thing comes to €10 when you throw in some chips and a can of coke (which is serious value), but there are still cheaper options. 

One of the main reasons I find it better than Zaytoon are the chips. In Passion4Food they’re crispy, delicious, and perfect for sauce dunking. 

The other reason this place rocks are the staff. The chefs cook, serve and clean the tables and there’s always great banter with the customers, who are a mixture of young professionals, locals, taxi drivers and Middle Eastern folk. 

Unlike most kebabs, you won’t need 10 pints beforehand to enjoy it. Some of the best fast food this city has to offer.

Screen Shot 2016 01 15 At 21 13 16

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