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12th Mar 2019

This Is Undoubtedly The Cosiest Café In Dublin


Sometimes you just want to find someplace to chill out in our busy city centre, be it with friends in tow or on your lonesome. Being just a hop, skip and jump away from Grafton Street, Accents is just such a spot.

Located on Stephen Street, the tea and coffee lounge opens till 11pm every night except Sunday (when it closes at 10pm). Accents began with the idea of being an alternative to the pub method of socialising, which Irish people take as standard.

Kitted out with an array of cosy couches and armchairs, the café is laid out in such a way that it caters for groups who wish to sit around and chat, big or small, as well as individuals who just want to enjoy their own company in peace.

If you do come in by yourself, the books that line the walls are there to help your while away the dreamy hours.

Accents Main

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A spacious spot, there’s a seating area upstairs and down. If you’re really hoping to relax, I’d recommend the downstairs room. Warmly lit with a variety of couches strewn in throws, it feels like you’re hanging out in a mate’s sitting room.

I sat enjoying a book for the couple hours that I’d spent there, while around me fellow loungers sprawled out on couches, discussing work and making weekend plans. It was so chilled the guy sitting next to me was having a nap.

Adding to the vibe of luxuriation are the treats offered by Accents, with your standard array of coffee options and a variety of special teas (including Apple Loves Mint, Lemongrass & Ginger Twist and Dublin Smog).

For me, if you’re stopping by the lounge you need to try one their hot chocolates, which are some of the best in Dublin. Coming in milk, white, and dark chocolate flavours, you’re given a cup of hot milk with a dish of chocolate buttons which you add in yourself to suit your own taste.

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In terms of food, there’s plenty sweet and savoury options to choose from, like homemade sausage rolls, sandwiches by The Delicious Food Company, goats cheese & red pepper potato rosti, as well as gluten free Snickers cake, and pear & raspberry vegan muffins.

You might feel that music being played inside is a bit too loud (I enjoyed the likes of ‘Summer Of ’69’, ‘Wuthering Heights’, and ‘Set Fire To The Rain’ while there), but I think it’s ideal if you want to have private conversations without nearby sitters eavesdropping.

Snickers Cake
Pic: Accents Coffee & Tea Lounge, Dublin

Pear Raspberry Muffins
Pic: Accents Coffee & Tea Lounge, Dublin

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If I’d one complaint with the place, it’s that there’s too much deliciousness on offer to be devoured in one sitting. Guess I’ll be going back then…

You can find Accents Coffee & Tea Lounge on 23 Stephen’s Street.

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