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20th Dec 2016

Heaven For The Cake Adventurers Of Dublin


You’re probably thinking, why has it taken until now to do a cake post on Cake Cafe? To be honest, I’m asking myself the same question as surely this is the ultimate spot for tea and cake in Dublin city. Finding Cake Cafe for the first time is exciting enough as it it, walking through the Daintree building and through their little garden to get into probably worst kept secret in Dublin feels like a little adventure. You really feel like you’ve come across a totally hidden gem, but this place is far too popular for that to be the truth. And for good reason too… Just look on for gratuitous food porn.

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I’ve thankfully worked within walking distance of Cake Cafe for the last four years, it’s a firm favourite of mine. I’m sure that there’s not much on the menu that I haven’t tried. Michelle Darmody who we recently interviewed has created a Dublin institution with the Cake Cafe. While they’re best known for their epic lemon slices which have a crumbly base and a top layer of gooey, curdy lemon yumminess, their other cakes are all knock-outs as well. Carrot cake is probably my all-time favourite cake, and theirs is so moist and delicious slathered with delicious cream cheese goodness. Their squidgy brownies are crammed with hazelnuts and their creamy victoria sponge is always a sell out.

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As well as those classics that they always seem to have on offer every day they also create some more unusual cakes like chocolate stout cake and lemon yoghurt cake. Their two newest additions are my new favourites- a pistachio almond cake and a lemon courgette cake (sounds weird, tastes AMAZING!). You can see the pictures of those two below before I scoffed them.


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They also do a wide selection of little cupcakes that are really light and airy, a far cry from the processed monstrosities that now plague most cafes in Dublin. Cake cafe also does a really great offering of alternative tea blends and lovely coffees to accompany your cake. Their breakfast and lunch menu is also incredible, I find it hard to go in and order something other than the stew of the day with homemade brown bread or their bean and sausages on toast.

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Their biscuits are delicious and look incredible. Depending on the day they are themed differently and come in different shapes and sizes. You can also order in a special batch of superhero biscuits if you want and these fly out the door. Cake Cafe also make cakes to order for special occasions as well as offering a catering service.

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Not that you’ll probably need much convincing, but you need to drop what you’re doing immediately and go take a tea and cake break in The Cake Cafe .