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Mouth Watering Paleo Cakes and Fancy Teas - Clement and Pekoe

By emmakenneally

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


Clement and Pekoe has long been one of my favourite cafes in Dublin city centre as the teas are just incredible, they have the widest selection of beautiful loose leaf teas that you can imagine. I go there frequently enough to stock up on bags of organic sencha tea but I don't really stop in and sit down often enough.

photo-2 1

The actual space in Clement and Pekoe is stunning though, it's really light and airy and it goes all the way out the back. You'll see lots of people tapping away on their laptops while enjoying a tea or coffee. They play really cool music and you'll feel like you're a million miles away. They have the most amazing selection of cakes too which I usually try and avoid but this morning I decided to try some out, in the name of research of course.

photo-2 2

Most of Clement and Pekoe's cakes are gluten free but they also have a selection of Paleo cakes. To be honest I don't know a huge amount about Paleo food other than it's unprocessed, natural and generally really good for you. I wasn't sure how that would translate into cakes (usually all the bad stuff make it so good!) but I decided to try them out as it seems more and more people in Dublin are trying out Paleo diets, and they still deserve to be able to eat tasty cake!

photo-2 3

This morning when I popped in they had two paleo options: a chocolate coconut brownie and a banana bread slice. I decided to get both as I figured it being Paleo, and therefore relatively healthy, I probably didn't need to feel too guilty about it. I also got a cup of sencha tea.

photo-5 1
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The coconut chocolate brownie was delicious, it didn't taste too much of coconut but had a lovely rich flavour without the cloying sweetness that you get from most regular cakes. It was really moist and light and I ate it happily while sipping my tea. The banana bread was my favourite though, again it was super moist and slightly nutty as you would want from a good banana bread but it didn't have that sickly sweet, sugary aftertaste that usually gives me a pain in my stomach afterwards.

photo-3 1

I'm definitely not following a Paleo diet but even so I thought the cakes were delicious and I don't think anyone would know that they were free of all the bad stuff. Whether you're a health nut or just a regular cake lover, you really need to check this place out.


I definitely recommend this spot for a chilled out catch up with friends, if you work remotely this place is probably perfect for you too. The very back room is flooded with light and the floors are beautiful washed wood. The tea in incredible, the coffee is meant to be great too and the cakes will please even the most health freaky of you.


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