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20th Dec 2016

My Favourite Thing To Eat In Dublin When The Sun Shines


There is no better feeling than leaving the office at 5pm on a sunny day..

The whole evening stretches out before you, with potential activities floating all around. Weather like this makes me want to eat like a true Mediterranean, so a few weeks ago when we had nice weather I headed straight to Fallon and Byrne to stock up on ingredients for dinner.

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I made a beeline for the deli counter, to get some food I could bring home to my own balcony. This little trick works well for a picnic too or a sneaky little date in the park after work some evening – The Iveagh Gardens being the perfect spot.

Assembling the dinner took hardly any skill nor cooking, instead I just had to rip some bread apart and rely on the amazing ingredients.

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The plate was made up of Irish blue cheese, Slasica Spanish cheese, French cornichons, artichokes in oil, Iberico ham, chicken liver pâté, Ummera Irish Gravlax and some rustic bread.

All that’s required is a knife to smear stuff on the bread. The best news about the whole thing is you won’t have any washing up at all, giving you more time to enjoy the sun!

Granted, you’d probably need a second mortgage if you were to eat like this every day considering the whole thing cost about €30. But, a little treat every now wouldn’t go amiss and this antipasti plate is absolutely delicious – go on, make it for dinner this evening!

screen shot 2015-06-23 at 15.04.16