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I fucking love Australia. I spent a year there and any country that has such an emphasis on sports, beer, outdoor living and such an abundance of good looking women will always get my vote. If it wasn't for the fact that it takes about a week and a half to fly there I would live there tomorrow. Contrary to popular belief their cuisine is not just about "throwing another shrimp on the barbie" and they actually have some of the best restaurants in the world. With an abundance of land and the fact they are surrounded by huge oceans full of fish on all sides it is a paradise for chefs and foodies. I thought I knew everything about cooking when working in Michelin starred restaurants in Europe but when I was in my first job in Australia and told to go and get some Barramundi and some Yabbies from the fridge I hand't a bulls notion what they were talking about. What isn't in doubt is that with such good weather they do love a good BBQ and a Dublin restaurant with the rather imaginative title of "Aussie BBQ" was the spot to hit up this week with a few mates. 907017_10200216491829356_1256432018_n

I Was reading the menu and I've probably never been more excited about going to eat somewhere in Dublin. Everything sounded absolutely fucking delish. We ordered pitchers of beer and the place was jammers even at the unusual time of 5.30. Word on the street is that it is so popular that a second one is opening in Rathgar in the coming weeks. Although the craic was good we waited a good 45 minutes for the food to arrive. I told myself that was because they were BBQ'ing it to order on the impressive open grills at the front so I sat back and licked my lips. When the food arrived it was shit. Shit would probably be a touch on the generous side to be honest. Everything that had sounded so good was actually a bunch of overcooked, under seasoned tasteless muck. The chips were soggy. The salad was a joke. The bowls were chipped. The sauce was greasy. The bread was half stale. It didn't even taste like the stuff had been on a real BBQ.


Although all the dishes were bad Sean's 16 Euro T Bone steak was probably by far the worst. I don't think they asked how he wanted it cooked but he might as well have taken his shoe off and tried to eat that. The whole thing is basically a poorer version of Eddie Rockets wrapped up in an Aussie BBQ flag. I'd actually take Eddies any day over this shite.


The place is doing well though because its cheap and it is close to the busy Camden Street. It's a wonderful concept and I wish it was as good as it sounded on the tin but it isn't. I'd only go back if I was totally locked and I'd say it is savage with 10 pints on you. The sad thing is that this makes Australian cuisine look so poor. This is the Irish Pub of restaurants. Australian food is nothing like this and I wish people could see the real quality they have instead of this muck. 908708_10200216468028761_856223907_n

I know the review is negative. This spot has it's place on the Dublin food scene and it is clearly popular. The fact that they are opening a second one is a great sign. I suppose the best way of thinking about this is the beer they serve. Fosters. Aussies have some wondeful beers but one that doesn't do that well over there is Fosters. Its an export. A branded gimmick. So is this place. The Australian brand is strong and that is what this place is trading off but the food is shite. Plain and simple. The final nail in the coffin was walking through the main room. There was such a layer of grease on the floor that I could literally skid along for a few meters at a time. Don't go here unless you have had 10 pints on Camden Street and are staggering home. 909056_10200216492069362_767215663_n

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