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20th Dec 2016

This Phibsborough Café Is A Pokéstop And It’s Offering Discounts To All Pokémon Go Players


The worldwide phenomenon that is Pokémon Go has well and truly taken hold in Dublin, and local businesses should really try and get in on that action – just like the White Moose Café has.

The Phibsborough brunch spot (which is known for pancakes and courting controversy) is a Pokéstop in the world of Pokémon Go, meaning a location where players can find loot for their pocket monsters, like Pokéballs, snacks and medicines (you can find the full lowdown on the game here).

After getting hooked on the game, owner Paul Stenson announced this week that the café would be offering discounts to players who stop by.

Ok guys. I’m getting very excited about this Pokémon Go. Other businesses are giving out about it, telling you to get out of their kitchen etc. We say BRING IT ON. We are not a gym, we are just a #Pokestop, but I am going to buy a shitload of lures when the app is launched here in Ireland and have different discounts in the café for each team while the lures are active.

I’m also going to buy a load of chargers so you can recharge your phones. We can’t have you running out of battery when you’re playing with your balls. I may be 36 but this is fun stuff and I don’t give a fuck what anyone says.

P.S. I knew nothing about #PokemonGo a few hours ago.

White Moose

Visit their Facebook page here for updates on deals.

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