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20th Dec 2016

Bring Back The Humble Breakfast


While I love a good brunch as much as every other human being on the planet, there are mornings when I just want a nice breakfast without consuming my whole day’s worth of calories in one sitting. And I don’t always want a side of pulled pork with my eggs or chips instead of toast. So the big question is, is it possible to get a good breakfast in Dublin anymore as most cafes and resto’s have abondonded their breakfast menus in favour of trendy brunch.


I’m on the hunt at the moment for a few good spots for breakfast and decided to check out Balfes as their breakfast menu starts at 8am which is perfect for people trying to take a half hour to themselves before starting their day. I wasn’t sure what to order with items on the menu like blueberry pancakes and a bowl of hot chocolate with a pain au chocolat tempting me. I decided to go for two breakfast classics- oatmeal and an omelette.


I am one of those rare freaks of nature that actually gets excited by the prospect of a bowl of porridge, there’s something so comforting about it. Their porridge apparently was to to come with apples baked in cinnamon and honey which sounded perfectly Christmassy, but in reality it was a bit bland and came out without any honey, brown sugar, milk or cream. I think they are pretty basic accompaniments for a bowl of porridge and was a bit disappointed. However, the baked cinnamon apples were really tasty and packed a lovely, warming flavour punch that’s just perfect on winter mornings.


I rarely order omelettes but decided to try out their smoked salmon and chive omelette. This was really tasty and the perfect protein hit to keep me filled up until lunch. It was nice because it wasn’t overcooked or rubbery, it was nice and soft on the inside and the smoked salmon and chopped chives gave it a lovely flavour.


I decided to get one of their green juices too which was a celery and apple juice and it was really delicious, definitely a perfect kick start to the day. If I was to go back I’d probably just give in to my inner cravings and get the bowl of hot chocolate and a pastry which sounds unbelievably decadent and the perfect winter’s morning treat, but the omelette is definitely a solid option if you’re trying to stay healthy.