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Walking into Di Minno's I instantly felt at ease with the world. I was back in Italy which is my all time favorite foodie country in the world. There are a grand total of 18 seats in this restaurant that used to be a family chipper but the son took it over wanting to create real Italian food in a country that lacks it. The closest we have is Milanos, shitty Caesar salads and a couple of decent pizza joints. Most of us wouldn't know good Italian good if a Foccacia hit us in the face. Done well it is peasant food rather than some jumped up poncey Osso Bucco for 30 quid in a high end city centre brasserie.

Staff members came and went entering the opening kitchen, kissing each other and enjoying life as only Italians could. This isn'y a restaurant but more of a family kitchen where you come and go and enjoy the art of eating. We started with the best antipasto that I've ever had. Incredible flavors with super high end ingredients all served with love. Amazing bread, proper cured meats, soft flaky cheese, amazing arancini (deep fried risotto balls), proper pesto, red cabbage, stuffed chicken, slow cooked onions, sun-dried tomatoes and more all for just 12 Euros. You could feed a family on this for a week.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 11.28.34This place is all about the pizzas though and even though I was tempted to see if they could cook proper pasta as soon as I saw the pizzaiolo throwing the dough around and spooning the sauce on I knew this would be a winner. The pizzas were absolutely delicious. The second best in town and if they had the room for a wood fired oven they'd be the best. Perfect dough, great sauce and super fresh ingredients. We licked our lips and watched as a constant stream of people came in to get their takeaway boxes. Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 11.28.23I forgot about the fact that my car was clearly having the wheels taken off it outside and felt like I was back sitting in Napoli or Sicily for an hour. The owner talked to all the customers with passion about everything from coffee to the tomatoes that he uses. Some people open restaurants for money and some open them for love. Don't come here if you want fine linen or foie gras but do come here if you want the most honest, genuine food made with love in a wonderful atmosphere. I'd put this straight into my top 3 places in the capital to eat and I'm just kinda sorry that I've told you all about it now. Our little secret?

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Niall Harbison

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