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Go to any great city in the world and you'll find a bunch of sushi joints. As a food trend it has been around for decades and will only fade away when we finally drain our oceans, which we are of course well on our way to doing. I suppose we will still be able to have shitty farmed salmon or veggies with rice, and sushi will just adapt. I think the reason most people love it and that it has staying power as a food trend is because it is one of the few healthy meals that doesn't actually taste like a big bag of wet shit. I also love the fact that after eating it you walk out feeling clean, full of life and not bogged down like you do after most other dining out experiences.


We made a list of the best Sushi places in town a few weeks ago and there was genuine uproar that J2 didn't top the list. I would have had it higher on the list but what puts me off is the location. I'm sure its an awesome lunch spot for the suits from PWC and the likes, but in the evening the whole of the IFSC just empties out and it is like a ghost town. Add in the fact that the building looks like a ridiculous glass monstrosity on the outside and thats why it wasn't higher up on the list. I'd never actually sat in for dinner here before and I have to say I loved the view. The glass might be hideous on the outside but when I was sitting in there watching the August sun hit the Liffey and waiting for a healthy meal to arrive, it was sheer heaven.


Another box was ticked when upon walking into J2 there was the number of Japanese people in having sushi. That is the oldest and best international barometer of a restaurant, and although sushi has a long way to go in Ireland this is clearly the spot that people who have grown up eating it go for their grub. I had chicken gyoza (is that the hardest word in the world to pronounce?) and they were pretty decent. I expected them steamed but they came fried which is grand because they always taste better that way, although I was slightly miffed being on a health kick and all.


My sashimi wasn't the best. It was a fairly shitty piece of tuna and cut way too thick. I ate it all but I've had way better. My huge, big, fat tuna fire roll was all sorts of epic though. It was 14 euros but would have been enough on it's own because (for one of the only times in the history of the world) I had to leave some sushi behind. The stuff is normally so fucking expensive that you usually lick every last grain on the plate to get value for money.


All in all I had a lovely experience here. I like it in summer because the view is spectacular and the light makes it work. I just hate this area of town in the winter when it is cold and there is nobody around, it just makes the whole area feel kind of shifty and you look over your shoulder slightly more often. Dublin can't have enough sushi spots in my opinion and this one is well worth a shot. I would book a table though because they don't have a load of space and it fills up quick.


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Niall Harbison

Niall founded Lovin' Dublin with a few fairly simple aims: discover new places to eat in Dublin and share simple recipes cooked up in his kitchen.