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30th Mar 2022

REVIEW: Confit Duck Mac N Cheese at 31 Lennox

Katy Thornton

31 Lennox is nestled into a nook in Portobello, a navy blue home to Italian inspired breakfasts and lunch.

Perhaps easily dismissed as just another pub in Portobello, I found 31 Lennox to be much more. Being a big fan of pub food (it’s simple and delicious, what’s not to love?) I would have been easily satisfied with a nice baked lasagne with chips and salad; however, I found the menu to be slightly more stimulating.

Why you should go?

If you’re looking for comfort food, but with a bit of a twist, then 31 Lennox is for you. Maybe you need somewhere to refresh yourself after a day of shopping, or you’re just ravenous for some good food. 31 Lennox won’t disappoint if so.

Who to book with?

This cosy spot is perfect for a small group, work colleagues or friends. It’s a quiet and intimate venue so great for a one on one catch up.

Set the scene

At a glance 31 Lennox has a homey pub feel, but upon closer inspection it has some lovely cottage decor. There were flowers in the windows, and plenty of outdoor seating, as well as two floors of indoor seating.

The backstory

31 Lennox is an Italian style café and restaurant with a comfortable atmosphere, opening for breakfast and lunch midweek, and brunch on the weekends.

The interior

Inside is like a chic pub; the seats and tables give classic Irish bar, but the deep turquoise paint on the walls gave it a little something extra.

The food

The menu contains traditional lunch dishes, as well as some unique meals such as the Confit Duck Leg Mac N Cheese. Naturally my curiosity got the better of me and I had to order it. As a lover of duck, mostly with Chinese dishes and in plum sauce, and a fan of Mac N Cheese, because, duh, cheese and pasta, I needed to know how the two paired together. I was prepared to be disappointed, but in fact, the flavours worked surprisingly well. The sweetness of the duck offset the savoury saltiness of the cheese, and now I don’t know how I’ll enjoy mac n cheese without duck. Plus the addition of the buttery kale was just chef’s kiss – it helped balance out the rich flavours at hand.

The drinks

We ordered coffees, both of which were lovely. I ordered an oat milk flat while, while my step-mum got a cappuccino, and they kept us sufficiently caffeinated on one of those lazy sunny days where you’re in constant need of a nap.

31 lennox duck mac

The highlight

The day we visited was absolutely beautiful weather, and the relaxed but friendly atmosphere made 31 Lennox the perfect spot for a Friday lunch. We both felt like we were on our holidays, and so this would have to be the highlight for me (although my main food dish comes in a close second).

What you wanted to try

There were quite a few things on the menu I wanted to try. My step-mum got the buttermilk chicken sandwich (pictured below) which looked unreal but we were both curious about the Italian coddle, as well as the Stracotto Pappardelle. 31 Lennox also has some great veggie/vegan options and I was very much intrigued by the Vegan Mushroom Cheesesteak Combo… something for next time! They also have a lovely looking weekend brunch menu which I’m desperate to try out. 

31 lennox duck mac

The service

Everyone who served us was friendly and quick, checking in on whether we needed anything else but not being overbearing. Couldn’t fault them at all.

Eco effort

They have plenty of vegan options which was fantastic to see.


There was ground floor seating indoors as well as tables and chairs outdoors, so ample accessibility for those who need it.

Where is it again?

31 Lennox is conveniently located at 31 Lennox, Portobello.

How to keep up with them?

You can check out their Instagram and Facebook.

Prices from?

The lunch menu ranges from €11 to €16, with small bites starting at €5 – you can check out the current menu HERE.

Anything else?

Just that I’d recommend a visit and that I’ll definitely be back to sample from their weekend brunch menu, which looks heavenly.

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