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Whopper Meatball Sambos And Hot Dudes Serving Them

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


I hate Subway. I think they are just about the worst example of global food being Americanised. They've taken something that couldn't really be much easier to make (a sambo), added some marketing guff and franchised the shit out of it. There is one in my local Londis and as I walk past and see them taking pre-cooked meat out of bags I vomit a little in my mouth. Luckily it's a free world and I don't have to eat it no matter how much Tommy Bowe tells me that it helps his performance. I will say this about them though... Their meatball sub has nearly made me give into them a few times. Coppinger Row do a great meatball sandwich too but it's a little too high end price wise to have for lunch everyday. Luckily a new spot called Dough Boys has just opened and they are like a pimped out version of Subway and their signature dish is a gorgeous Meatball Sub.

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I'd been hearing whispers about the dough boys for about a year now, New York sandwiches being tested out in an apartment somewhere, but it seemed to drop off the radar. Then up it just popped recently opposite the Camden Court hotel. This is the prime lunchtime sandwich area with offices workers who are packed into cubicles in the area like sardines all pouring out looking for an orgasmic lunch to lift their mood from pouring over spreadsheets. They've opened just beside Pig and Heiffer which is like a non league club opening up beside Old Trafford and saying they are going to go toe to toe with the greatest team in the world.

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I got there late because I knew it would be rammed at lunchtime. They were down to their last three items with loads scratched off the board because they'd run out. I love seeing that in cafes because It tells me they are cooking fresh. In somewhere like Subway they'll just pull out another bag of their "special" chicken, even if it is midnight. I went with a little salad which was fresh, crunchy and delicious even though it was late in the day. That was my little bit of a health buzz done for the day.

While sitting there waiting on my sandwich (5 minute wait as it was toasted), I couldn't help notice how good looking the 3 lads were serving the sambos. As Derek Zoolander would say.... 'like really, really, really, ridiculously good looking'. I wouldn't be surprised to see people coming in here for the eye candy in the same way guys go to pubs where the good looking girls work.

My meatball sambo was absolutely top notch. I couldn't fault it in any way. The bread (from the bretzel bakery) was perfectly crunchy, the meatballs soft and the sauce rich. It was so filling that I took half home with me for dinner.

The prices are slightly too much on the steep side to be eating everyday, but this is so much more than a normal sambo. The lads were talking about running out to get ingredients after their shift and I could see the wild excitement in their eyes that you get from running a business and the buzz from another successful busy lunch. We should all try to support these types of businesses in Ireland. The alternative is a Subway on every corner.



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