The Dublin Market Stall Selling The Craziest Fruit and Veg


I'm a farmer's market fanatic. I love nothing more than visiting farmer's markets, chatting to stall holders and learning more about their produce and then buying my body weight in veg, fruit, meat, sauces and treats. There is one farmer's market stall which I go to most often and always get the best haul from. It's a stall that absolutely anyone with even the slightest inclination towards cooking needs to know about.


McNally's Family Farm sells the most incredible organic fruit and vegetables every Saturday morning in the Temple Bar Farmer's Market, the also have a stall at the Dun Laoghaire market every Sunday. I usually cook a lot at the weekends and so I visit their stall on Saturday mornings with no idea of what I'm going to cook, buy whatever looks good and get ideas from there.


As well as the quality and taste of their produce being stunning, they also have a great variety of more unusual fruit and veg that you definitely won't get in your local Tesco. Purple basil? Yes I have bought it and cooked the most delicious pasta with it on my own blog. Purple sprouting broccoli? I've gotten that too, it's bursting with nutrition and is delicious as a side to a steak or piece of fish. 


Their tomatoes amaze me, they come in all sorts of varieties, colours, shapes and sizes. Most importantly they burst with the most intense flavour. I bought a huge bag a few weeks ago and made a delicious tomato soup and a few caprese salads with them. Courgette flowers, apples, herbs of all varieties, rhubarb, potatoes, edible flowers, beetroot... I could go on. 


As well as the fruit and veg they sell organic yoghurts, goats yoghuts and chutneys. This is a must visit and if you're in town this morning, or Dun Laoghaire make sure to check them out to see what all the fuss is about.


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Emma Kenneally

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