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08th Oct 2018

The Greatest And Best Value Takeaway Meal Ever Served In Dublin


Now I’m not proud of it, but I tend to eat takeaway food a good five nights a week…

Previously the choice in Ireland had been pretty limited to Indian, Chinese or pizza. Then about 10 years ago some genius decided to introduce Thai takeaways to Ireland and it now seems there are now more of them in the capital (Diep, Saba To Go, Camille, Kanum, etc) than there probably are in the whole of Bangkok.

So, the good news is we have plenty of options but sometimes I crave something different when eating at home… You know, sometimes you don’t want a box of noodles but you crave a burger, a steak or just a plain chicken dinner.

That’s why Deliveroo has changed my life – what I eat at home has changed drastically and as a result my bank account is drastically draining.

However, last night I had greatest takeaway experience of my entire life, and here’s why…


I whipped out my phone and got the Deliveroo app up on my phone, and spotted something I fancied instantly – the large BBQ meat platter from My Meat Wagon. I pressed a button on the screen (it conveniently saves all your details enabling you to spend money effortlessly) and it whipped €22 off my credit card – just like that!

The whole ordering process takes about 60 seconds, I mean how could I possibly ever cook at home again when I have all the food in the world at the push of a button?!

The most surprising thing of all? 16 minutes later my doorbell rang and the food was in my hands. 16 bloody minutes! I hadn’t even gotten my cutlery or plate ready, and was completely caught off guard.

Once the food was handed over, I was sure there had been a mistake. I figured I had been given someone else’s order because was spread across three boxes and weighed about 2kg.


The order was indeed mine, and it was absolutely huge. The huge short rib of beef that had been cooked for 14 hours would have been more than enough to feed me on its own.

As I delved into the different boxes I spotted a mountain of pulled pork, a huge piece of chicken and various sides including chips, smoked beans, veggies, onion rings and sauces.

I’d hit the jackpot.


After a good hour of slow eating and meat sweats I had finished about half the plate. I gave my two dogs the bones, and the look on their faces were pure delight. I tucked half of the food into the fridge with a mental note to buy bread for my sandwiches tomorrow, before collapsing on the couch to sleep off the feast.

As I contentedly cleared up all the boxes, I discovered a couple of Refresher sweets in the bag. This was this attention to detail really sealed the deal of this being the greatest takeaway meal I’ve ever had.

I genuinely have no idea how they make food this good for such a low price. Nobody could afford to eat this every night of the week, either financially or from a waistline point of view, but it simply has to be tried.

I’d suggest ordering one of them for two people and get some bread, or an extra portion of chips for an even cheaper meal.

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