The Healthiest Dublin Takeaways You Can Order Tonight


We're all still on the health wagon (well it has only been 5 days since we started), but it's Friday and the week has seemed oh so long, and we're just not bothered cooking. The temptation to order a cheesy pizza or creamy curry is overwhelming, but we've went through our favourite takeaways and picked out the healthiest orders of the bunch so you can exercise some damage limitation!

Bombay Pantry

The kind folks over at Bombay Pantry launched a superfood and paleo menu last year for people trying to stay healthy while still indulging in their favourite Friday night takeaway. We've tried their Goan Chicken Hunters Curry which is packed with chicken, kale, sweet potato and coconut milk, and it really is delicious. Skip the boiled rice for brown rice, add a side of the broccoli sautéed in ginger and cumin and you're laughing!


Saba To Go

Saba have a huge range of light and healthy options on their menu to choose from including soups, noodles dishes, stir fries and curries, many of which are labelled as being under 400 calories. If you're paleo you can order their Caveman Red Curry which you can choose with either chicken, beef, veg or prawns. Best of all, they also sell Nobó ice-cream so you can wash it all down with a guilt-free treat!



While Milanos don't do deliveries, it's worth driving to your local to pick up a takeaway as it's the only way you'll be eating a pepperoni pizza for under 500 calories! Their Legerra Pizza range uses a thinner, crisper base and the hole in the middle of the pizza is filled with salad. Meaty pizza without ruining our hard work in the gym... Result!


Jo Burger

Jo Burger is responsible for many a food coma, and while their burgers are so huge they're almost impossible to eat, you can pass on the bread bun in favour of either a tortilla wrap (surprisingly delicious) or a 'nude' version with extra salad instead. Go for the beef Zola which comes with roast pepper, rocket and almond pesto- it tastes delicious and is a lot lighter than the cheese and bacon one!



Wagamama have plenty of fresh and healthy choices that you can order via Just Eat. Start off with some miso and edamame beans before tucking into a delicious a Chicken Chilli Ramen, or a Saien Soba if you're being particularly saintly, and then wash it all down with a super green juice. It doesn't get much healthier than that!


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