'This Is The Tastiest Grub I've Ever Eaten On The Northside'

Have you checked out this epic lunch spot yet?

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With the selection of Chinese restaurants and old-school Irish pubs, Parnell Street wouldn’t be the most obvious spot to grab a gourmet sandwich for lunch.

Despite being located just off O’Connell Street, Deli 147 is quite tucked away and I probably wouldn’t have ventured down that way if it not been passionately recommended by a friend.

I wandered in on a Friday afternoon, starving and in need of a good feed.

The word had obviously gotten around as there were ten people ahead of me in the queue by the time I arrived. Normally, this is a bit annoying but I was glad to have a bit of time to look through the tempting menu.

For me, it was an immediate toss up between the 147 Cheese Steak and the 147 Reuben. I was starving so the steak option sounded meatier and, according to my logic, more filling.

Happy with my decision, I shuffled along with the queue... until something caught my eye. Wait, a spanner had been thrown in the works. What the hell was that guy getting?!


I watched on, as the sandwich technician (it’s a thing!) presented the customer in front of me with a gloriously packed bap, bursting with chicken and chipotle mayo. God damnit, I was going to have to taste it.

Disappointed in myself for going for the 'boring' chicken option, but drooling at the thought of biting into the messy creation, my nose started twitching again... soup!

I scanned the blackboard and saw that the day's option was potato and leek. Potentially tasty, if done well, but quite uninspiring. That is, until I saw the words “and crispy bacon”. SOLD!

I paid up. €9 for my bap and soup, which I was more than happy to stump up given what some places charge for inferior options. And it came with a tasty little rocket salad and mustard dressing. Nice.


I perched at the counter and plotted my plan of attack. Whatever way I approached it, it was going to be messy. Luckily, they gave me lots of napkins.

Fast forward ten minutes and I was sitting in front of an empty tray and a pile of mucky napkins with a massive grin on my face. The verdict? Incredible.

Generous portions of both chicken and bacon, covered in a delicious chipotle mayonnaise. Not quite spicy, but offering a decent punch of flavour nonetheless. Fresh beef tomato added texture and sheer bulk to the bap.

As for the soup... I’m not the biggest fan of potato and leek but this was tasty, fresh and filling. The bacon was crispy and brought an extra element of flavour to what can be a bland dish.

I have a voracious appetite (I haven’t been uncomfortably full since an all-you-can-eat Brazilian BBQ in Cape Cod in 2008) but the soup and sandwich deal was definitely satisfying.

So much so that I avoided topping it off with one of the super tempting (but slightly small) donuts they had on display (supplied by Dublin Donut Co.).

I’ve since had a creep on their Facebook page and was delighted to see that they grow and forage a lot of their veg and smoke their own hams. Behind closed doors, they also get very creative with their various marinades, jerks and sauces, using different beers, rubs and freshly ground herbs and spices.

I will 100% be back. While I’m guilty of falling in love with one particular dish and ordering it every time (Shellfish Pot in Fishbone, for example), I'll definitely make an effort to try one of the beef options on my next visit.

I mean... look at it.

A post shared by @147deli on

A post shared by @147deli on

...and maybe a Reese's Peanut Butter Donut.  

If you’re lucky enough to live or work in D1, you can also get sandwichy goodness delivered to your door. What more could you want?!

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