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20th Dec 2016

Today’s Lunch: Perfect Falafel Wrap From Happy Food That’ll Make You Go ‘Om’ Nom Nom



The Falafel Wrap from Happy Food.


The Yoga Hub in Camden Place, which can be accessed either from Camden Street beside the Ladbrokes, or from Harcourt Street via the archway best known as ‘Coppers Alley’. Follow the yoga mats.

Eat in/Take away?

I get mine to go, but it’s a cracking place to sit in if you have time. Don’t worry if you’re wearing a suit and bear evidence of being a corporate shill working for the man – the yogis that frequent and staff this place are the sound, non-judgey types.


How much?

A very generous €6, and another €2 if you fancy salad on the side. Salad options vary from day to day, but all are vegan-friendly and generally delicious.

How fast?

Happy Food is generally buzzing, but never packed, and there’s only one person ahead of me in the queue today. I order on my way back to the office, at about 1.50pm – and nothing happens for about eight minutes.

Eventually, Yoga Hub owner Matt Quigley comes over and explains that the new deep-fryer is on the blink, so the falafel is going to have to be thrown on to the pan, and this is going to cause a bit of a delay. He’s super-apologetic, and I’m in no hurry, so it’s all good – besides, it would be pretty hard to get in any way wound up in the most tranquil little spot in Dublin city.

Ultimately I’m presented with my bag – and another profuse apology, which is unnecessary but appreciated – within about 12 minutes.


How good does it look?

Presented in a neat little box, wrapped up at tightly and securely as a burrito, and bursting with contrasting colours, it’s an appetising little fecker. Fork and napkin also included, so you don’t have to make small talk in the office kitchen when you’re en route back to your desk.

How good does it taste?

Awesome, awesome and more awesome. So awesome that it makes it okay to use frequently misused and overwrought words, such as ‘awesome’.

The mixture of tzatziki and the spicy tomato sauce is yin and yang in a wrap, while the pan-fried falafel gives the Fumbally a run for its money. Initially it looks as if it’s a bit light on the hummus, but there’s enough going on here that it’s not required in any real abundance – the balance, as it is, has been nailed.



Will I fall asleep at my desk after lunch, or be starving by 3pm?

Falafel doesn’t agree with every tummy, but it’s fine with mine – I’m pleasantly filled, and well equipped for a gym session at 6.30pm.

The slow energy release of the wholemeal wrap, the mix of carbs, fats, proteins and fibre… it’s not something you’d want to be eating every day (alas), but it’s a decent balanced meal all the same.

Will I go back?

Hell yeah.

It puts the ‘tasty’ into ‘namaste’. Or something like that.

More info?