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08th Sep 2018

This Beauty Haven In Dublin Is The Holy Grail For a Guilt-Free Natural Glow

Megan Cassidy

On last week’s Before Brunch podcast, myself and Cassie addressed the sustainability trend and how going plastic-free is so much more than just ‘a fad for privileged people’.

The response was massive – and it came to my attention that our readers desperately want to clean up their eco footprints, even if its just with small changes – like keep cups, meat-free days or swapping out some products in the bathroom cabinet.

One simple but massively effective choice you can make (with zero sacrifice) is to explore cruelty-free beauty products and treatments.

Skinfull Affairs on Exchequer Street is the holy grail for a guilt-free natural glow in Dublin, and we’re a teeny bit obsessed.

Incredibly indulgent, sensuous, vegetarian (and mostly vegan) products are stocked here, and there’s a wide range of cruelty-free beauty treatments available, too.

I’m slowly swapping out my beauty cabinet products with environmentally-friendly alternatives, something that I imagined would be quite costly. In fact, stripping back and replacing multiple products with just one multi-use item is far more cost-effective that you’d think.

This week I replaced my cleanser, moisturiser, serum, body lotion, hair oil and eye cream with ONE product, and I have never seen my skin glow like this.

The product is the multi-oil from Ecooking. It’s jojoba oil and sesame oil and scented with orange, lavendar and rose.

For my acne-prone pals who are terrified of putting oil on your skin – jojoba oil is actually one of the things I used to heal my acne.

Jojoba oil sends a message to your oil glands that they don’t need to produce more oil, and unlike other oils the particles are too large to actually permeate the skin and cause blockages.

The scent is out of this world (mostly orange) – it is SO softening and not at all greasy. It feels nourishing and as the name would suggest, like food for your skin.

Created in founder Tina Søgaard’s kitchen in 2015, the Ecooking range contains a range of products of which are made up of 100% organic oils, combined with the highest quality natural peptides and vitamins. In fact, a selection of products within the line are so pure they’re perfectly safe to eat.

The range epitomises chic, Scandi cool.

The minimalist packaging embodies its message – own less products, but make them good ones.

Every product within the range is still produced in Denmark and the formulations are 100% paraben free and vegan (excluding natural beeswax in the brand’s Multi Balm and Lip Balms). Tina believes so strongly in honesty and transparency that all the ingredients are listed on each and every bottle.

My goal is for my beauty cabinet to be full of this stuff eventually.

Would you like to see a weekly guide to cruelty-free living in Dublin? Let us know.

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