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08th Mar 2018

You Need To Visit Ranelagh’s Newest Gem Of A Restaurant This Weekend

Alana Laverty

Ranelagh is considered one of Dublin’s best foodie villages.

It’s dense with brilliant restaurants, bars, pubs, cafés and shops.

The best burgers, beers and wings in the entire county can all be found there.

And now?

The best Thai food in Dublin now calls Ranelagh its home and people are absolutely raving about it.

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The beautiful and welcoming space that once housed An Bhialann (120 Ranelagh Road) is now home to Nightmarket Restaurant. 

Their forte? 

Serving up fresh, authentic, honest, original dishes from regional Thailand to the people of Dublin. 

At last. 

Nightmarket put an emphasis on dining with friends and family in true Thai traditional culture, sharing style. 

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The story behind Nightmarket is a lovely one. 

A story of family and appreciation for excellent Thai food. 

Jutarat Suwankeeree (known as ‘R’) met her partner Conor Sexton while working as duty manager in his previous Dublin restaurant, Koh

After the birth of their daughter, the couple decided it was time to head back to their own ‘hood and set up shop there, in Ranelagh.

And so – Nightmarket was born. 

In traditional sharing fashion, we got a few dishes to try.

We opted for the Som Tum Moo Ping, their most popular salad and a total spicy delight, some lamb Massaman curry and the Pad Kee Mao Nua special noodle dish of large flat rice noodles, beef rump heart, chilli, garlic, fine beans, sweet basil leaf, soy sauce and oyster sauce. 

All dishes were equally divine, so much so that we took our leftovers home to enjoy later on. 

We all agreed that we’d be back for a Nightmarket brunch very soon. 

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The winning feature, bar their incredible food, has got to be the restaurant’s outdoor tunnel feature. 

Make sure when booking to try and get a table out there, it lends to the entire experience greatly. 

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Check out Nightmarket’s full menu here.

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