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€10,000 Is Being Given Away RIGHT NOW — Act Fast To Win A Piece

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By clicking on this article, we’ve just established that we have something in common — we both like free money.

Lovin Dublin has partnered up with the good folks at Plynk for ‘The 10K Giveaway’. The first one thousand people to download the Plynk app will bag themselves €10 from the overall sum.

Easy peasy, that’s a guaranteed tenner if you just act quick!

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But what is Plynk, you ask? It’s a money messaging app that makes social payments — like when you’re out at dinner or paying for a taxi — that little bit easier by letting phone users send or receive money instantly from within a one-on-one or group chat. 

So, basically, this thingamajig lets you lend someone a fiver via text.

And considering the new Dublin-based start-up managed to raise €725,000 in seed funding, it seems a lot of people like the idea behind it…

If you fancy bagging yourself €10 right now courtesy of Lovin Dublin and Plynk, simply download the money messaging app here ASAP.

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