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20th Dec 2016

10 Hamburger Toppings That Shouldn’t Work… But Somehow Taste Incredible


We love the simplicity of meat, bread, cheese and a smattering of traditional condiments here at Lovin Dublin – and there’s no doubting that a simple burger with top-quality ingredients just can’t be beat.

But if we were feeling reeeeeally adventurous, what would be the batshit crazy toppings and fillings we’d throw into our baps? The ones that would elicit a straight-up WTF from our tastebuds, an OMG from our stomachs and an SMH from anyone who was passing at the time?

Peanut butter

You know that, despite your initial recoil from the screen as you read this heading, this will most definitely work.

The only question is: crunchy or smooth?


Cinnamon buns

Not strictly a filling, but this recipe from has us convinced that this is at least worth a shot – after all, cinnamon is one of those flavours that traverses both sweet and savoury palates.



Sweet, juicy and tangy, pineapple has long been used to give a flavoursome kick to pizza – but in a burger?



Just think about that crunch as you bite down. We’re not going to go so far beyond the pale that we’d suggest a Tayto burger – not that we’re morally opposed to the idea, mind you – but this seems like a reasonable happy medium.



Like the pineapple, but with an even more pronounced flavour and a slippery texture that will work perfectly with crumbly blue cheese.




If mango works, and if pineapple works, then why not jam? Raspberry jam, lest we forget, goes remarkably well with cheddar cheese – so this is surely the logical next step.



Another one from those crazy feckers at The Canadian gravy-covered chips are a flavour match made in heaven with beef – so it follows that they should make their way into a bun alongside it.


Cranberry sauce

When it comes to putting cranberry sauce in between two slices of bread, we tend to think solely of Christmas-themed sambos with turkey and stuffing – but imagine how this sweet flavour would interact with soft, melty Swiss chese?


Black and white pudding

Because this is Ireland, and there is nothing – NOTHING – to which black and white pudding cannot be added.




Why have them as a side when you can just lump them into the main event, providing a soft and floury offset to the crispy chargrilled meat and the toasted bap?

Like a butty, but with more bite…


And what else?

This list is only a start – we may not have an Irish Times survey to prove it, but we know you people have been experimenting in the privacy of your own kitchens, and we want you to open up and share your experiences with us.

So let us know… what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever put in a burger?


From the super-normal to the minorly mental, we’ll have a whole host of burgers – as well as hot dog, fries and whatever you’re having yourself – at our incredible 4th of July Festival in association with Eddie Rocket’s this Saturday.

Fancy popping along? Find out more here… and grab your tickets here.