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12th Aug 2017

10 Things You Need For Your First Couples Holiday


Ah, summer love. 

The most powerful of forces. 

Powered by tanned skin, sunshine and some of the world’s most beautiful sights – this invigorating energy can’t be broken by much. 

Except for mosquito bites. And chronic sunburn. And blisters. 

Yep, blisters will do it. 

Lucky for you – we got the skinny from Boots on how exactly we can avoid these squabbles, and enjoy the holiday you’ve been craving for so very long.

So, let’s get started…

1. Insect repellent

Lifesaver. Just trust us. 

This nifty bottle is ‘buy one get one half price’, and fits in any handbag. The dream. 

Unnamed 9

2. Riemann P20 

Anyone else feel reminiscent of their childhood when they catch a whiff of this?

P20 is deadly – one application and you’re sorted sun-wise for the day. Magic potion if there ever was one. 

Unnamed 1

3. Flight socks

Not the sexiest of holiday trinkets but so necessary and so important. These are less than €20 and will last you a lifetime.

Unnamed 11

4. A really good fake tan

Not a naturally sallow person?

Fret not – for when there’s a freckled will, there’s a golden way, and Soltan’s Self-Tan Lotion glides on like a dream. 

Gotta fake it ’til you make it. 

Unnamed 6

5. A great deodorant

Have you ever lived with a boy before? Yuck.

This FCUK one is a steal, and even smells good in jungle heat. 

Unnamed 10

6. BB Cream

A fresh alternative to a heavy foundation, BB Cream is a dreamy liquid that makes skin look glowy and not sweaty – no mean feat. This Soltan one is cheap and cheerful without scrimping on quality. 

Unnamed 5

7. A mini speaker

Because sunbathing with nothing to listen to can get seriously dull. 

This nifty speaker is tiny, powerful and super light. Ideal. 

Unnamed 8

8. Real Techniques Brow Set

Brows sort of lose their mind in the sun, and while we’re grateful to them for growing more luxurious – we sort of end up looking like beasts.

This kit will sort you out in more ways than one. And God knows we could all use some brow help from time to time…

Unnamed 2

9. Insoles

Another not-so-sexy item to add to the list, but a total necessity for those going on an active holiday.

These cushion the feet without overwhelming shoes, while also remaining comfy and light. 

Unnamed 3

10. And finally, a fantastic moisturiser

Sun can be great for the soul, but can wreak havoc with your skin – so jump two steps ahead with No7’s Essential Moisture Day Fluid.

Moisturising enough to rehydrate burnt skin, while not looking too heavy on the face. 


Unnamed 14

Now all you have to do is choose where to go…