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15 Reasons Why Cork Is Quite Clearly The REAL Capital Of Ireland

By jo

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


We all know how carried away Cork people get with their own greatness, but to be fair to them they have a point. 

Cork city is an absolute gem; a picturesque hub on The River Lee that proudly boasts its very own way of doing things. Sorry Dublin, but we’ve got 15 unreal reasons why Cork should be the real capital. 

Read ‘em and weep... 

1. The English Market

When The Queen herself made a historic visit to the 18th century market back in 2014, Cork people honestly felt like she was the privileged one. And too right. The food market is a showcase for the best in local produce and the craic with the vendors is always mighty. There’s nowhere else in the world like it. 

English Market

2. The coffee

Coffee culture in Cork is only massive. Beans from Cork Coffee Roasters and Mahers, and cafés like Filter, Gusto and Gulp’d keep Corkonians fuelled in the most delicious way. A Cork cup of Joe is a beautiful thing...

Coffee Cork Culture

3. Murphy’s 

That delicious, Cork-brewed stout is the stuff of legends in the county and you’d be hard pressed to find a pint as good in Dublin. They like to keep the best thing for themselves, those Corkonians. 


4. The music 

Where do we begin? Villagers, Seán O’Riada, The Frank and Walters, Rory Gallagher. Oh, and remember this bangin’ tune by Sultan’s Of Ping? 

Of course you do, because it’s brilliant. And it came from Cork. You’re welcome!

5. The pubs 

The Mutton Lane Inn, The Crane Lane, The Oval, Fionnbarra's, Sin É, Franciscan Well. The pubs in Cork are unparalleled and anyone who thinks differently is only lying to themselves.

Sin E Cork

6. UCC (AKA the Irish Hogwarts) 

University College Cork is the real life Hogwarts. Fact.

And if you don't believe us: the college recently started its own Harry Potter society to celebrate all things magical. So there.


7. The Jazzzzz

The annual Guinness Jazz Festival draws the best musicians and biggest jazz appreciators from around the world to this hooley and a half – better than anything you'll find on the auld East Coast.


8. Roy Keane 

We're aware this is a controversial contender, but given how well the lads have done in France this summer we felt it appropriate to give a nod to our pal Keano. 


9. Sonia O’Sullivan 

Speaking of amazing sports stars, Sonia is a Cork woman – Cobh, to be precise – and proud.

Even our suburbs breed Olympians like it's no big deal.

Sonia Osullivan 2000

10. The people

You won't find friendlier folk anywhere else – always happy to help with a good restaurant recommendation or directions.

Shutterstock 269305148

11. Barry's Tea 

Keep yer Lyon's.


12. Jameson 

Whiskey of choice for all connoisseurs, and a proud Cork concoction.

Yep. A Cork concoction. For while it began life in Bow Lane in Smithfield, it's actually now produced in Midleton.

They made the move – and so should you.


13. The terminology 

Any time you use a “like” at the end of a sentence, say 'gaff', 'boy', 'gat', 'sconce', 'allergic' (or 'allerg') or call someone a 'mog' you are using a pure bit of Cork dialect. 

Just don’t EVER use the word langer. It’s a touchy subject with the Cork crew. 


14. Tanoroa 

Not all fizzy orange drinks are created equally. Cork claims the best orange soda ever created by man. It’s called Tanora and it’s delicious.

Much like Murphy's, you have to be in the county to get your hands on this readily. 

Sparkling Tanora Tangerine Flavoured Drink 330Ml

15. Jonathan Rhys Meyers

If you’re knocking around Cork for the day, chances are you’ll run in to JRM wandering around the place. He's sound and he LOVES CORK. And if Jon says so...



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