16 Thoughtless (Shite) Gifts Everyone Has Received At Christmas

7. Christmas tree ornaments

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Every year, friends and foe alike surprise us with the dreadful quality presents they so bestow upon us. 

Yes, we can deal with it most of it, but sometimes, they're so bad that we can't even attempt a polite smile...

Here are 16 of the worst.

1. Socks

Not that we don't enjoy a good pair, but socks do not a good present make. 


Pic: blog.swagbucks.com

2. A calendar

With a mildly famous celebrity sprawled across the front.

Or worse, kittens.

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3. A photo frame

With no photos in them. So, a rectangular piece of plastic.

Oh, and a panel of glass.

200 2

4. Obviously re-gifted presents

Bath salts, tins of Roses, the Roy Keane book.

200 3

5. Dreadful ties

These will never be acceptable.

Or nice.


Pic: xlegit.wordpress.com

6. Body Wash

It's always a hint.

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7. Christmas tree ornaments

But... I can't eat this?!

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8. Actually, any ornaments

Especially those creepy dolls kids used to get. 

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Pic: bottega.avalonceltic.com

9. Presents that show how old you are

Like High school musical t-shirts, Lion King colouring books and Heelys.


10. Wildly inappropriate t-shirts

"Let's flip a coin. Heads I get tail, tails I get head."

Or the classic...

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Pic: amazon.com

11. Electric toothbrush 

There's a fine line between which toiletries are acceptable and which really aren't.

200 7

12. Keyrings 

Whether you had keys or not was completely irrelevant.

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Pic: marieclaire.com

13. Pens

Sometimes nice pens in fairness...

But still, pens.

200 8

14. A car phone accessory

Car not entirely necessary.

Hr  Dr 7508 Blk 2

Pic: www.highroadorganizers.com

15. Backscratcher 

I'll see to my own itches, thanks.

16. Head massager

Certain eye-gouging guaranteed.

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Pic: blog.swagbucks.com

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Kate Demolder

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