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23rd Mar 2017

18 Places In Dublin To Eat And Drink With Your Dog In Tow For 2017


We prefer our canines to most humans, and we think it’s fair to say most of you lot are the same too.

And what’s absolutely deadly for us Dubliners is that you’re never too far from a pub or eatery that feels the same way.

Here’s our pick of some of the very best puppy loving places you can go – canine in tow.

1. Pupp

Could we even start this list any other way? 

Pupp is Dublin city centre’s first ever dog-focused café, located on Clanbrassil Street, which opened earlier this year, much to the rejoice of Dublin’s puppy community. And it’s not just another dog spot, it also boasts great coffee and a cracking menu.

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2. Antoinette’s Bakery, 8 Kevin Street Lower

This little dream factory is the absolute spot to fill your face with absolutely outrageously decadent treats (including a whole gluten-free range for those of you not that way inclined) while you’re in the middle of some important bonding with man’s best friend.

This is also another spot that provides some really whopper coffee.


3. MVP, 29 Upper Clanbrassil Street

Earlier in the year, the Health and Safety services of the city clamped down on certain pubs allowed dogs into their premises. MVP, unfortunately, got caught up in this, but they stayed strong in the fight against doggy inequality – and all is once again well with the world.

And we love them for that!

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4. The Royal Oak Bar, Kilmainham

The perfect, cosy pub which is known locally to serve one of the best pints of Guinness in Dublin. 

A favourite for Country Mice in The Big S(h)moke for the day, and is prime location for art lovers, with the incredible IMMA just around the corner. 

And the best part? Pups roam free.


5. Anseo, Camden Street

Anseo is a little gem of a spot on Camden Street, a watering hole for everyone and anyone. It’s one of the rare few pubs where you can sit down for a quiet pint at six, but also have dance the night away by 11. 

What makes it even more fantastic is that you can bring in your dogs, and we mean dogs of every calibre, even big dogs who sometimes get a bad rep.


6. The Bath, Bath Avenue

An ideal pub to watch any match, with a cosy outside terrace for drier days. 

It also boasts a pretty spectacular brunch, as well as Junior’s Pizza just around the corner to keep those energy levels up. Important.


7. Herb Street, Grand Canal Dock

A vibrant, busy spot to stop mid-walkies and chill with the pup. Another cracking brunch spot that should definitely be on your list. Get the pancakes, trust us.


8. Wall & Keogh, 45 Richmond Street South

Yet another hidden gem in Portobello. They have us spoiled.

You’d be forgiven for walking past and thinking this is just another tea shop, but it is so much more. A perfectly cosy spot for a break from the bustling city around. All doggies welcome.


9. Coppinger Row, 1 South William St

A really lovely buzz in here, as well as some of the best eggs benedict money can buy! Reservations unfortunately can’t be made here, so you may have to wait for a spot for you and your pooch to grab a table outdoors. 

However, it’s definitely worth it. Trust us.


10. The Dog House Blues Tearoom, Howth

Dog (and dog people) heaven.

We cannot praise this place enough. It’s absolutely soaked in atmosphere – eclectic decor, vintage china tea cups, a large bed (yes, BED) all in an incredible outdoor canopied area. AND located right by the Dart station too, so it’s super accessible. Get yourself there IMMEDIATELY.


11. Brownes of Sandymount

A place that screams dog walk, with some truly incredible views and glorious surroundings.

Brownes is actually known as a doggy hotspot, they were one of the first to have dog bowls out front with lead ties and doggy carpets. You might even call them a big dog in their field…


12. Farm, 133 Upper Leeson Street

Farm are also sound enough to leave out water bowls for pups to rehydrate and re-energise after a long run in Dartmouth Square. They also have a beautifully charming in-house pup, Charlie Brown, who is as perfect as you could imagine.

And as for the menu – delish, proper healthy food that won’t break the bank. What could possibly go wrong?


13. Grogan’s, South William Street

One of Dublin’s favourite pubs, which manages to stay old-school cool, while being located on one of the busiest streets in the capital.

Great Guinness, whopper toasties, a perfect people-watching spot AND as dog-friendly as can be. What more do you need?


14. Kanoodle, 322 Clontarf Road

Another delicious mid-walkies spot which provides water bowls for your canine friends. Top-notch al fresco dining by the sea. 

And can you argue with a name like that? Didn’t think so.


15. 147 Deli, 147 Parnell Street

Arguably some of the best sandwiches in our fair city, and even more recently killer doughnuts – AND to top it all of, it’s run by fellow dog-lovers! Oh 147, is there anything you can’t do?


16. The Fumbally, Fumbally Lane

Arguably one of the more chilled food spots in Dublin, dogs roam as people in this great little spot and may even be offered leftovers on occasion. Credit where credit’s due Fumbally, you’ve nailed this one.


17. Garage Bar

And just when you think you couldn’t love it anymore…

The grungy dive bar that has our hearts ALSO allows puppies. Result. 

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18. And finally, Dice Bar

The rock’n’roll bar located on the quays allows all walks of life in, canine or otherwise. 

FINALLY, someone with their head screwed on…

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