27 Incredible Takeaway Dishes In Dublin That You Can Have Delivered To Your Door Tonight

It's Friday. It's time.

Modern life and its conveniences. It’s now easier than ever to get increasingly higher-standard food delivered to your door and there's arguably never been as many quality, affordable restaurants to choose from in Dublin before.

From reliable classics to some more adventurous and exotic options, these dishes represent some of the best of what the city has to offer direct to your door.

Chicken Wings in Cola BBQ Sauce, Farmer Browns

These free-range wings from Sandymount’s Farmer Browns are incredibly tasty. Their chicken is rich and succulent and the Cola BBQ sauce is certainly unique. A must for any self-respecting wing connoisseur.

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Lamb Moussaka with Homemade Spicy Potatoes, Keshk

This oven-baked dishes is very appetising and wholesome – aubergines and minced lamb roasted in tomatoes, garlic and onion topped off with some bechamel sauce. Dee-lish!

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Or you could go with the Charcoal Grilled Lamb...

The Outback Burger, Aussie BBQ

If you’re just having one of those lazy days, why not just go for it and cosy up to something like this: 1/2lb prime beef burger topped with pulled pork, bacon, cheese, lettuce, mayo, Ketchup and the house’s own ‘Outback Sauce’. Also, the option of being able to get milkshake delivered straight to your door when your hungover is can be extraordinarily appealing when you’re in that mood.

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Weekly special pizzas, Vincenzo’s Wood Fired Pizza

Donnycarney’s finest. These pizzas are cooked to perfection in their wood fired oven. These guys come up with inventive and scrumptious weekly specials which are a really solid way to branch out in your pizza tastes.

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Tazi Sabzian, Tadka House

Tadka House’s chefs are experienced in providing hearty roasted vegetable dishes, at €7.95 this one is both easy on the stomach and the pocket.

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Green Curry, Siam Thai

This is a delicious and rich curry. Generally considered one of best Thai spots in the city and with very good reason.

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Gluten Free Pizza, Credo

This is an excellent Italian just off Camden Street. These guys put a lot of attention into their meals and their gluten-free pizzas are some of the best around.

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Glazed BBQ Ribs, Boxty House

The picture says it all really… that being said, it couldn’t hurt to throw out a word or two – “cider glazed” and “buttermilk slaw” are important ones to get in.

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Pad Thai, Neon

Neon is known having some of the best ingredients and chefs of any Thai restaurant in the city. Their Pad Thai is a near-flawless take on the classic dish.

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Fish and Chips, Leo Burdocks

There are few things better to do as a Dubliner than getting a fresh meal of fish and chips from the esteemed Burdocks chipper. One of those things however is getting said meal delivered straight to your front door in time for Fair City (note: Fair City viewing optional).

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Grilled Organic Herb Crusted Irish Salmon, Farm

Well, maybe there are slightly better things going if you’re willing to splash out. All of Farm’s produce is organic, locally-sourced and is cooked with tender care. This is a sumptuous treat whether you’re eating in or taking out!

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Super Caesar Salad with Chicken, Counter Culture

One of the most talked-about newcomers, this health-focused eatery is forging a niche by virtue of its quality range of simple but delicious, wholesome meals.

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Risotto Yucca e Fungi, Forno

Though a risotto can be very rewarding to cook yourself, there’s something powerfully appetising about having a delicious, perfectly-balanced one delivered to your door with zero hassle. This is a butternut squash and mushroom risotto with rocket and parmesan shavings.

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Pizza from Forno... another option if you're not in the mood for Risotto

Roaringwater Bay Mussels, Blooms Brasserie

This place offers mesmerising Irish cuisine at good value prices. Their seafood options are amazing and their mussels, cooked with chorizo, garlic and white wine and served with home-cut fries, are the pick of the bunch.

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Pasta Primavera with Seared Scallops, Herbstreet

Grand Canal Dock’s Herbstreet is another one of those places that encourage you to splash out based on their impeccable ingredients and inventive dishes. This one is simply ravishing: linguine pasta tossed with spring vegetables in a light lemon and herb butter sauce, with pan-seared Irish scallops.

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Paprika Marinated Chicken Stick, Asador

Hardly anywhere in the city combines sophisticated BBQ food with a good value menu quite like Asador on Haddington Road. Chorizo and sun dried tomatoes set the chicken off perfectly in this instance.

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Sushi from Banyi

Pretty much every sushi option from this place tastes great. Their attentive chefs have an incredible array of different options.

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Himalayan Curry, Kathmandu Kitchen

This is a fantastic place to pick up some authentic Indian and Nepalese food. Cooked with Himalayan spices with yoghurt and coriander by their expert chefs, this particular blend is something you won’t find anywhere else.

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Diavola Pizza, Pacino's

If you're after seriously spicy pizza feast but don’t wish to skimp on quality, Pacino’s Diavola is your best bet. Let the masterful hands of Pacino’s pizza chefs provide you with a memorable meal.

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Tapas from Zaragoza

Don’t feel like settling on one particular dish and don’t fancy moving too far either? Zaragoza’s amazing tapas menu might just be your solution. Their crispy duck in filo pastry with almonds and cranberry sauce and chicken béchamel served with Teryaki mayo are truly immense experiences. Just look at all those adjectives sure.

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Daily Salad Plate, Cornucopia

Cornucopia hasn’t become arguably Dublin’s most-loved healthy food restaurant for no good reason – their staple salads are always of superb quality. This is a very reliable uber healthy option.

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The Don Burger, Gourmet Burger Kitchen

GBK are known for allowing for one to completely customise their burger, but sometimes it’s best to go along with what the chef has specifically put together. ‘The Don’ is one of those instances: Rocket, onion jam, bacon aoilo, American cheese, gorgonzola slice, pickled red onion rings, house mayo and a brioche bun. Phew...

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Grilled Butterfly Chicken Fillets, Camden Rotisserie

When a picture like this and the words “carb-free” interact, you’d be no sort of fool to immediately get on with ordering or thinking of ordering one of these.

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Massaman Curry, Red Torch Ginger

Subtle blends of spices including cinnamon with onions, fried baby potatoes, bean sprouts and fried shallots give these milder curries a lot of flavour and makes for a memorable dish.

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Sticky Pulled Pork Salad, Staple Foods

For a tenner this Asian-style pulled pork salad is a ridiculously filling and good value meal. As it’s Staple Foods, you can be guaranteed of high quality, organic produce too.

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Ragu De Carne Com Pure De Mandioca, Taste of Brazil

Luckily delivering is online these days and no Irish person has to ring up and try to pronounce that. It’s not about the name though, it’s all about the way the rump steak interacts with the mashed mandioca, fresh veg and parmesan cheese.

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Al Salmone, Fiorentina

Fiorentina’s pasta dishes are mouth-watering – in fact, nearly all of their dishes are, as you can see below. This one involves a lovely twist on traditional seafood pasta: smoked salmon with salsa bianco and young spinach.

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Evan Musgrave