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7 Deadly Irish Tipples You Can Try At The Big Grill

By katedemolder

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


Hitting up The Big Grill this year? Yeah you are, you filthy animal.

Even talking about it is making us excited, and hungry.

But even though food has taken centre stage, the drinks on offer truly deserve their time in the sun, too. We've gathered some information about the best drinks on offer at The Big Grill, so you don't have to. 

So, here's a few of our chosen favourites...

1. The Chancer, O Brother Brewing

Apart from having the best name we've ever come across, The Chancer by O Brother Brewing is getting a mention due to it's bold and fresh taste. Sharpened with citrus and grapefruit, this beer has peach, apricot and tropical fruit flavours in the dry hop, to sweeten it up.

It also won a gold medal in the All Ireland Craft Beer Awards last year, so you know it's legit. 



This malty, slightly fruity ale is a delicious blonde beer, with a mix of German and New Zealand hops to give it a kick. It's a sweet all-rounder from Hope Beer, that pairs well with main dishes and desserts.

You can also get this on tap at P.Mac's, in case tasting it at The Big Grill leaves you hooked for life. We're just looking out for you, swear!


3. Rustbucket, Kinnegar Brewing

Rustbucket (the orange one) from Kinnegar Brewing is a balance of rye and barley malt. The rye gives it a little spiciness which combines beautifully with the hops to contribute a citrus, passionfruit-like note. 

All of these beers have been receiving waves of praise from Irish craft-drinkers, and further afield. So do yourself a favour, and pick up a few. 

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4. Hersbrucker, Porterhouse Brewing Company

The Porterhouse have established an admirable name in the heart of Dublin's city centre, where craft beer is almost used as currency these days. One of their most popular tipples is the golden Hersbrucker.

A classic sharp Pilsner, this drink boasts a brilliant balance of soft Hersbrucker hops and malt sweetness. This mouthful of flavour is about as far from insipid cooking lager you can get.


5. Summer Days Seisiún IPA, Eight Degrees

Having only launched in June of this year, Summer Days Seisiún IPA from Eight Degrees is the new kid on the block. Brewed with Amarillo, Mandarina Bavaria, Equinox and Citra hops, this tipple packs a punch. 

The gentle bitterness of this drink will complement citrus, chilli and light fish; deeming it an excellent seafood pairing.

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6. Ginger Porter, Rascals Brewing

Released in December 2013, this speciality porter is made with a traditional recipe brewed with fresh root ginger. This is a medium-bodied, smooth, dark ale with a strong roast character, then a sudden kick of zingy, fresh root ginger.

Rascals' Ginger Porter won a bronze medal at the Alltech International Beer Convention 2014, and has since made it onto the shelves of O'Brien's Off Licences across the country. 

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7. Traditional Dry Cider, Mac Ivor's

Inspired by the aromatic and flavoursome ciders of Northern France, Mac Ivor's Traditional Irish Cider is an elegant blend of over ten different apple varieties. 

The crisp Bramley apples from the orchards of Armagh balance the fragrant flavours of traditional dessert apples and bittersweet cider apples, giving a deep and dry cider style, and a wholly balanced taste to surprise the palate. 

AND, a bottle of the stuff probably makes up at least one of your five a day. Who can argue with that logic?

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