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26th Oct 2018

7 Luxurious Bottles Of Wine to Bring To A Glam Party


Keen to make a good impression when you show up at a dinner party, but never sure which wine to bring?

It’s a struggle that most of our generation face, and one that we need to overcome.

So we’ve picked out 7 affordable, but impressive, bottles of wine for special occasions meaning you’ll always have a go-to bottle…

1. Barone Montalto Ammasso

Great with roasted lamb, this Sicilian wine is obtained from partially dried grapes, resulting in an opulent but balanced wine.

Bursting with fruity flavours, the candied notes, earthy base and toasted hints of this tipple ensure a flavoursome palate – perfect for a Sunday dinner party.

This bottle is priced promotionally in SuperValu at €15, until July 21

Barone Montalto Ammasso

2. Costa Mediana Amarone

Amarone is made using whole bunches of grapes, dried in the sun to concentrate and solidify the flavours by reducing water content. By pressing the dry grapes, the wine delivered is super smooth with matured black cherry and spices, and medium body.

This is a drink best served warm so perfect for cosy evenings in.

This Amarone is priced promotionally at €20, until July 21.

Costa Mediana Amarone

3. Chateau Camp De La Hire

A Gold medal winner at Lyon, this full-bodied red originates from a château on the hills of Castillon – an area renowned for their wine.

This well-balanced wine boasts an intense colour, with a nice touch of oak, and firm tannins give it a great texture. A wonderful, full-bodied wine – ideal for a summer barbecue.

This bottle is priced promotionally at €12, until July 21.

Chateau Camp De La Hire 75Cl

4. Andre Goichot Chablis 1er Cru

The nose of this white is not instantly apparent, but it’s definitely worth the wait, as it is a well-built wine.

Delicious with seafood, The Chablis Premier Cru wines delights the palate with delicate tastes and subtle citrus notes. Say hello to your new favourite summer wine.

This bottle is priced promotionally at €15, until July 21.

Andre Giochot Chablis 1Er Cru

5. Meursault Andre Goichet

Hailing from the famed region of Meursault, this Andre Goichet is perfect with vegetarian dishes as well as fish.

Creamy and aromatic, with hints of lemon and praline, this rich-flavoured white is worthy of any fancy shindig – pairing sensationally with buttery lobster.

Until July 21, this bottle is priced promotionally at €35.

Andre Giochot Meursault Village

6. Pouilly Fuisse Andre Goichot

Elegant and full of charm, this white wine from the Burgundy region has a pale to deep gold colour, occasionally flecked with green.

Notes of citrus and white fruits settle in the mouth when you first take a sip, before hints of peach and honey come through to round it out.

A delicious pairing with poultry, and ideal for a light summer salad. This white is priced promotionally at €15, until July 21.

Andre Giochot Pouilly Fuisse

7. Sancerre Foucher

This Loire Sancerre is made from Sauvignon Blanc and has incredible citrus notes.

This is a lovely white to pair with fresh vegetables and light fish, and would be a great one to give to a friend’s parents on a nice summer’s day.

This bottle is priced promotionally at €15, until July 21.

Sancerre Foucher Lebrun

And when it all comes together…

It’s quite wonderful, as you can see in the video below!