7 Reasons Why You Should Head To Killarney This Weekend

A royal weekend in The Kingdom? Don't mind if we do...

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Once summer comes around on our humble little island, nothing can keep us away from the magical metropolis that is Killarney, situated right in the heart of County Kerry. 

The Kingdom lives up to its name in every respect, and we are just thrilled to be even considered its loyal subjects.

The perfect spot for a weekend away or even a simple day trip, Killarney is a spot that even the locals don’t take for granted. 

Here’s why...

1. Because Killarney National Park looks like this...

Yep, this is real life and nope, that is not a postcard. 

This place is just the tip of the luscious iceberg that is Killarney; full of expansive rugged mountainous land, lakes of azure blue, mystical woods and dreamlike waterfalls, the park boasts a very particular scenic beauty.

Oh, and not to name names, but McGillycuddy's Reeks are smack bang in the middle of it all. Yep, we know.

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2. ...and the Ring of Kerry looks a little something like this

So much beauty, not enough time.

Sorry for throwing you in the deep end there, but this gorgeous patch of dreams is otherwise known as the Ring of Kerry, and is known all over the world over for being one of the most incredible landscapes.

Big IS beautiful, guys. And we have this to prove it. 

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3. Because getting there looks so stunning

We love the scenic route, and it loves us right back. 

Heading to Killarney is like taking the scenic route to the scenic route. A scene-ception, if you will.

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4. The Dingle Peninsula is worth the trip alone

Stretching 48 kilometres into the Atlantic Ocean, the peninsula is dominated by the range of mountains that form its spine, running from the Slieve Mish range to Mount Brandon, Ireland's second highest peak.

The peninsula has something to offer to absolutely everyone. Swimming, walking for all abilities, a thriving Irish language community, rich musical tradition, fine dining, sea angling, arts and film festivals, talented craftspersons and some of the best surfing in Ireland - Dingle sure knows how to pack a punch, or twelve.

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5. The food is incredible

Killarney's endless list of fresh homegrown suppliers and unbeatable passion for excellence deems it one of the best places in Ireland to sink into delicacies, both local and international. 

Do yourself a favour and splash out at Rozzers, sample the best boxty in Ireland at Bricín and tuck in to some fish and chips courtesy of Quinlan's

Trust us, you won't be let down...

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6. Because you can partake in some real life falconry

Yes, you read right. FALCONRY.

Be the baddest version of yourself with some real life falcons on your arm. There's a whole bird of prey centre ready for you to explore - in which you can go on 'walks with hawks'.

Take us with you!


7. Oh, and just one teeny tiny other thing


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So, what are you waiting for?


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Kate Demolder

Kate is a staff writer here at Lovin Dublin. kate@lovin.com