7 Things You'll Find In Capri That Dublin Needs Immediately

A playground for the rich, the famous and... you

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Charles Dickens himself, once said about the island of Capri: 'In no place on Earth are there so many opportunities for delicious peace and quiet as on this small island' 

And quite frankly, we can't help but agree.

We feel that Dublin could benefit from the utter elegance that Capri boasts, and if we were to start with what we'd love to see the most here, we'd start with these...

1. Caprese salad

This IS available in Dublin. But is it really the same?

Originating on this heavenly island, this simple dish is one part ripe tomato, one part fresh mozzarella – and all parts incredible. 

You think you know Caprese salad? Think again. 

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2. La Piazzetta

Upon stepping off the ferry at the port of Marina Grande, you tread onto the funicular railway up to Piazza Umberto I, otherwise known as La Piazzetta.

Described by Norman Douglas as ''the world's little theatre'', La Piazzette is the undeniable heart of Capri. This tiny square is energetic, vibrant and ever-bustling, with four ever-bustling bars outlining the centre.

The bars boast perfect people-watching spots, as well as the delicious local delicacy: granite (drinks over crushed ice).


3. The Blue Lagoon

There is absolutely no doubting the indescribable iridescence of the Grotta Azzurra, or the Blue Lagoon – and, the journey there is good fun too.

On fine weather days, a rowing boat will take you there in just ten minutes (just be prepared, you'll have to lie down in the boat to enter; the opening is that narrow) and thanks to the reflecting sunlight, you may even notice that the surrounding water appears to emulate the overhead sky. 

The acoustics are also sensational, should the astounding allure inspire you to sing. 

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4. Monte Solaro

The best seat in the house; Monte Solaro is a seat atop the island of Capri, 589 metres above sea level.

Hiking to the summit is of course possible, but the best way to tackle this great height, assuming none of you are afraid of heights, is by chair lift.

Jumping onto a chair allows you to witness the incredible views of the island, in all its unspoiled, natural glory. 

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5. Marina Piccola

You may have heard the name of this Capri beach before, as it's the very beach where the sirens attempted to seduce Ulysses.

Lucky dawg.

To get there, you can take a bus or taxi, but really the best way is to walk along the stairs of Villa Krupp where you can gaze upon the whole island in fell swoop. The sea is extraordinarily clear, and beautiful for swimming – and you can hire yourself a cabana to store your clothes safely while you go for a dip. 

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6. Il Riccio

The stylish and prestigious beach club and restaurant, Il Riccio, is an absolute must when visiting Capri. Located beachside of the Capri Palace Hotel in Anacapri, this restaurant is open to the public and provides a taste of luxury, without the designer price tag. 

When there, treat yourself to the local dish of pezzogna – fresh white fish, cooked in ‘crazy’ water mixture of salt and tomatoes.

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7. Villa San Michele

Boasting panoramic views of the incredible island of Capri, Villa San Michele sits atop a ledge at the top of the Phoenician Steps, between Anacapri and Capri, at a height of 327 meters above sea level.

The gardens of San Michele are adorned with relics and works of art dating from ancient Egypt and other periods of classical antiquity, and the whole place is filled with natural light. A place for the soul, San Michele also houses Munthe’s collection of art, archeological treasures and a sphinx that looks out over the sea. 

Concerts and cultural events are held in the evenings in the chapel or the gardens of the villa, with tickets costing anything from €5 - €15. 

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And if that doesn't have you convinced...

Just LOOK at the place!

Written By

Kate Demolder

Kate is a staff writer here at Lovin Dublin. kate@lovin.com