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20th Dec 2016

7 Things You’ll Recognise If You’re A Regular On The Belfast Enterprise


If – like me – you’ve spent a significant portion of your life commuting from our fair city up to Belfast, then you’ll be well acquainted with the intricacies of this journey.

Such as these old favourites…

1. The satisfaction of getting into your seat early

Because there is literally nothing in the world more frustrating and terrifying than rushing for a train, and fearing that you’re going to miss it.

The feeling of being in Connolly 20 minutes early, grabbing an AMT Coffee, picking up a newspaper, then casually strolling to your seat – before feeling unforgivably smug as you watch breathless, red-faced commuters take their seats just seconds before departure.

2. And better still… having a prebooked one

What could make the above even more pleasurable?

Why, knowing you have a seat on the train with your name literally on it.


3. Getting really excited because you know the Drogheda viaduct is coming up

One of the best views in the country, this is a gem – and you can really embrace your inner child by pushing your face up to the window as you roll over the architectural masterpiece.

4. Or the sea views on Dublin’s northside

Once you’re far enough north, and off the DART line, you can really start to stretch your legs – and these beautiful views of the Irish sea will help you.

And if it’s a rainy day? All the cosier…

5. The absolute SATISFACTION of dozing off outside Connolly and waking up as you enter Belfast

Lovely as those views are, there’s nothing quite like settling into your seat, letting your heavy eyelids close over, and submitting yourself to the most satisfying – and efficient – nap of all.

Even if you miss some lovely views along the way…

6. Looking enviously at the conditions in Enterprise Plus

Those lamps. They look like something you’d see in a HOTEL.


7. Or better still… getting in there yourself

There is no glass of orange juice quite like the free glass of orange juice you get as you sit into your ludicrously large Enterprise Plus digs.