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23rd Nov 2018

6 Cosy Tips To Hygge Up Your Christmas


First things first – what is ‘hygge’ and how the hell do you say it?

Pronounced “hoo-guh”, and more of a feeling than anything else, it describes the sense of cosiness and comfortable conviviality of feelings of wellness and content.

Who doesn’t want more of that in their lives?

This Scandi concept is more than just a trend – it’s about love, mindfulness and being in the moment and it’s become quite popular in the last few years. Cut to people running to buy faux fur rugs, wood burning stoves and just about all the candles and fairy lights they can get their hands on, all to invite more hygge into the home.

Fancy a some extra cosiness this Christmas? Here are 6 ways you can get your hygge on.

1. The fireplace

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This is more than likely something everyone does when it’s cold, especially around Christmas time so technically you’re already bringing some hygge into yo’ lives.

For me, it doesn’t get much better than a good fire at this time of year. In the door from a hectic day commuting around the city, there’s nothing better than a warm fire or meeting your mates in a cosy pub for a few Christmas catch-ups over a few beers – what’s more hygge than a Danish pilsner like Carslberg Unfiltered?!

Team this moment with some of those blankets I spoke about and you’re onto a winner!

2. It’s all about the lighting

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If you think about it, Danes tend to be in darkness for much of winter so they’re pretty keen on great lighting.

Hygge or not, who doesn’t love great mood lighting? Candles especially give off a gorge glow that creates a warm atmosphere on a winter’s evening. Nothing nicer than a room lit by candlelight AND the soft sparkling light from the Christmas decorations. Heavenly.

Lamps are perfect for creating soothing pools of light. Dreamy! We suggest picking out low light, yellowy tone bulbs that just ooze cosiness. Rather than shove it in a corner – we alllll do this now, don’t be lyin’ – rethink where you place lamps and you’ll have a space perfect for hyggelig…this where you and your mates hang out and no one gets all opinionated…we can’t promise anything.

2. Layers with LOADS of textures

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I’m talking over-sized knitted blankets, hand woven wool throws, faux fur rugs – yeah, this is where hygge takes things to the another level.

As I said, this concept is more of a feeling than anything else, and speaking about feeling, textures are key. Picture this: the Christmas tree lights are twinkling in the background, you place a wooden tray with hot chocolate down, wrap yourself in a soft blanket before sitting down and placing your feet on a faux fur rug in front of a fire.

Need I say more?

4. Stick to warm, neutral colours

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It’s kind of a given that certain colours evoke certain moods in a room or house and when it comes to hygge, these colours shouldn’t be too overwhelming.

Warmer, neutral tones will help bring your space to a point of peak harmony and peace – until the classic family argument whilst putting up the decorations but we can’t help with everything lads!

Using pastel colors like light grays, browns and creams will create a comfortable setting.

5. Bring the outside in

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Ok, so we may have ticked this off the list – given that we bring a massive tree into the house and place a poinsettia in almost every room at this time of year – but still.

The hygge concept is all about helping us feel closer to nature, and at a time of year where we are sometimes blessed with a white Christmas, it’s nice to bring more greenery into the house.

If you’re not blessed with green fingers, feat not! Adding simple touches like a wooden coffee table or leafy prints can make a huge difference too.

6. Keep things simple enough

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With all that in mind, it’s understandable to think you have to make a trip to IKEA and stock up on just about everything. Not so much.

Hygge is all about the little things in life and if all this sounds right up your street, you’ll love Carlsberg Unfiltered – inspired by simplicity and connection.