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02nd Feb 2017

8 Unique And Elegant Fashion Trends That’ll Turn Heads At The Races

Alana Laverty

Race season is nearly upon us and as it draws nearer and nearer, the pressure is on to get creative and original with what you’re going to be wearing. 

You only get one chance to wow the crowds – so make it count. 

The competition for the title of Best Dressed at race meetings across the country is fierce and the prizes are amazing so it’s definitely worth putting in the effort to find something incredible to wear.

We’ve researched some of the hottest and most unique trends of SS17, straight off catwalks from around the world, and made them slightly more wearable.

The lovely people at Leopardtown Racecourse have also given us ten sets of tickets (four per winner) to give away for Stan James Irish Gold Cup Day so you’ll have the perfect place to show off your style! You can enter here.

Take a look and get planning your outfit!

1. Ruffles 

Errrbody loves a good ruffle – and they are so very in this season. 

The key to pulling this off is to be subtle. One ruffled item is sufficient, don’t overdo it.  

Pjimage 73

Dress / Trousers 

2. Stripes

You can never go wrong with a strong stripe. 

Whether it be on your accessories or on your dress, stripe it up. 

Pjimage 72

Dress / Black hat / Red hat 

3. Simple headpieces

Nobody wants to look like they’re attending the royal wedding so take it easy on the headpieces. 

It’s an essential element of the outfit but you don’t wanna be poking eyes out as your flaunt your way through the crowds. 

Think striking and modern, less really is more this season. 

Pjimage 76

Headband / Bow headband / Pearl Crown 

4. 50 shades of blue 

One of the easiest colours to wear and also one of the most popular across the board this season.

From the palest seafoam to the richest cerulean, blues are a tune everyone can sing.

Throw some ruffles into the mix, combining two glorious trends, and you’ll have heads turning from every direction. 

Pjimage 74

Dress / Jumpsuit / Dress

5. Rose gold 

This trend ain’t going nowhere people. 

So if you’ve resisted investing in it until now, it’s time to take the plunge. 

All eyes will be on you in these decked-out, bedazzled beauts. 



6. Grunge it up 

Straight from the catwalks of New York Fashion Week 2017 – Coach, Marc Jacobs and Baja East all put heavy emphasis on a very glam, rock ‘n’ rebel look. 

And it went down a total treat. 

Few studs and a splash of leather – be grand. 

Pjimage 77

Jacket / Sandals

7. Mules

The name of these Marmite-like shoes may make you cringe, and you really will either love or hate them, but they are taking over this coming year. 

You can try to pretend they aren’t but they really, really are. 

You can either embrace it and be considered style-savvy and current. Or pretend they don’t exist. 

Pjimage 78

Silver mules / gold mules 

8. Wrap up

We love our style as much as the next gal but there’s nothing glamorous about shivering in a mini-dress in the middle of a racecourse! 

Think practically by incorporating these trends into items that are suitable for a season – a ruffle detail coat, for example – or layering up.  If it’s really chilly, try swapping your sandals for a chic over-the-knee boot – trendy and toasty.

Shutterstock 396215926

Of course, the key is always confidence so make sure to rock your chosen look for maximum effect!