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20th Dec 2016

9 Awesome Cucumber-Based Cocktails That You Have To Try This Summer


Okay, you might disagree with me here but it’s my heartfelt opinion that nothing – nothing – tops off a drink like a cucumber. 

Whether it’s a simple slice inside a G&T, or a more fundamental ingredient in something altogether more intricate, it provides a cool edge that you just can’t get from anything else.

Unconvinced? Well try these, then come back to me…

1. Sparkling cucumber mint gin

A twist – if you’ll pardon the pun – on an old favourite. Cucumber and mint are well acquainted bedfellows, as you’ll quickly come to learn, and this drink proves exactly why.

Get the recipe here

1 Cucumber Mint Gin

2. Crucomber

All the way from Nantucket, where a well known bar called CRU boasts this as a signature dish. And the good news? You don’t have to a) travel across the Atlantic, or b) be a master mixologist to taste it for yourself.

Get the recipe here


3. Cucumber mojito

How could you say no?

Get the recipe here

3 Cucumber Mojitos From Diethood

4. Cucumber-rosemary gin and tonic



Yes indeed. There’s more to this herb than just roast lamb, and this is a perfect example.

Get the recipe here

4 Cucumberrosegt

5. Cucumber jalapeno martini

Oh now we’re getting adventurous. The cucumber takes a supporting role here to the intense, flavour-packed jalapenos and the natural bitterness of this old fave – but the combination is absolutely divine.

Get the recipe here

5 Cucumber Jalapeno Martini Lg E1443181720116

6. Mango mule mocktail

Don’t feel like drinking? No problem – our versatile green pal is every bit as comfortable in an alcohol-free drink as in all the others, and it pairs beautifully with the sweet mango in this concoction.

Get the recipe here

6 Mocktail Mango Mule

7. English garden cocktail

Forget the Pimm’s while you’re watching Wimbledon this year – we’ve got something new for you. 

Get the recipe here

7 English Garden Cocktail

8. Cucumber lime margaritas

Another fantastic variation on an old favourite – this is a difficult one not to love.

Get the recipe here

8 Refreshing Cucumber Lime Margaritas 1

9. The Firecracker

Watermelon, lime and cucumber. You have arrived.

Get the recipe here

9 Firecracker 3