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31st Dec 2016

9 Reasons There’s No Shame In Staying In Tonight


Yes, we know that sometimes there’s no better feeling than heading out on the town. But what if you’ve suddenly developed guilt? Maybe you don’t want to go out? Maybe you’re taking a stab at being responsible. 

So what do you feel like tonight? When those urges to overturn your adult composure strike, take comfort in these sound reasons why there’s no shame in staying in tonight.

(We promise you’ll survive the FOMO.)

1. Weekend Fear

Yes, it’s no longer Monday, but you can’t help but shake that niggling fear that really you should be booking a flight as far away from your local after last Saturday. 

Drinks were had, yes, you were hilarious… but then it suddenly all went downhill.

The three-day fear is a real thing and hiding out under a duvet is a perfectly acceptable way to deal with it.


2. Your (Lack Of) Bank Balance

Between your rent, nights out, those ‘cheap’ last-minute flights and the obligatory chicken fillet roll for lunch, you’re secretly waiting for your debit card to go up in flames. 

Maybe consider saving a few euros by retiring to the couch….

3. Which Secretly You Don’t Mind…

… Because you actually know EXACTLY how the evening will play out. Same old drama – week in, week out.

4. Netflix

It’s one word that can bring so much joy. 

Whether it’s the old-fashioned act of actually watching a box-set, or pinning your hopes for the night on Netflix and Chill, there’s proof that staying in can have its rewards. 

(Some companions may be better than others)


5. You Can Eat Actual Dinner

No running around with a slice of toast pretending to eat fake dinner. Or grabbing a burger at the end of the night. You’re staying in. 

You have time to whip something up… or better still, order a delish takeaway guilt-free because of the money you’re saving on drinks.

Or eat a tub of cookie dough in peace. We won’t judge.

6. New PJs

Before anyone thinks of dismissing this one, there is no greater joy than slipping into fresh NEW jammies. You can have your vodka and shove the lime.

You’re in flannel. FLANNEL.

7. You Can Finally Skype That Friend

The one who lives in another more exciting part of the world and decides to showcase their sunshine filled days on Facebook.

You don’t know why you’ve been putting it off for so long.


8. Sometimes You Do Actually Work Hard

Despite what you might think, it is perfectly normal not to want to go out. Being a secret hermit is a beautiful thing. You can’t offend, or be offended. 

And also you can’t be late for work AGAIN. 

You need your full concentration in the office this week.

9. You’ll Feel So Good Tomorrow

You need sleep. Real, uninterrupted sleep. That smug feeling when you wake up rested and relaxed will be the best thing ever.