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17th Sep 2019

A Fresh Look At Your City: The Barge Then Vs Now

Brian Dillon

Ah, The Barge. It’s pretty iconic, isn’t it?

Here at Lovin Dublin, we love to discover hidden gems and new places for you to try out. But as of late, we’ve been taking a look at some of the city’s most popular and iconic bars and clubs.

We’ve teamed up with Smirnoff Infusions to give you a fresh look at your city by taking a look at some of our favourite venues in Dublin, and finding out how they came to be the institutions they are today.

And this time, we’re focusing on The Barge, one of the most popular bars not just in this area but in Dublin.

With summer just gone, you’ve probably noticed hundreds of people gathering outside the venue on a sunny day and hanging out at the canal. It’s probably one of the most famous Dublin summer traditions.

And although the Barge is mainly associated with the excitement of summer, the venue itself has become fairly trendy in the last few years, blending tradition with modern style.

What was once a traditional Irish pub is now, well, still that traditional Irish pub, but with a slick modern twist, providing a chic experience for punters while still encompassing all that is good about Irish pubs.

And the development and journey of this iconic Dublin pub is somewhat reflective of the changes in the area.

What was once a quaint neighbourhood is now a bustling area where many large international companies and hotels have emerged.

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And what you may not have known about The Barge is that the food is pretty unreal. They serve everything from burgers and steaks to soups and sambos. So although you may associate with a summer evening out, in Winter, it becomes a cosy and welcoming venue to enjoy proper wholesome grub and a few drinks.

Whether you frequent The Barge when the sun comes out or you hit it up on the regular, there’s no denying that it is among the most iconic bars in the city, and Dublin really wouldn’t be the same without it.

And The Barge is just one of the venues we are celebrating that will be serving up Smirnoff Infusions, the brand new refreshingly fruity spirit drink from Smirnoff.