A little tipple? Or a lovely cuppa? Here are some perfect chocolate pairings to try

By Lynda Keogh

November 4, 2021 at 1:12pm



Explore the Green & Black's Intensity Scale with their incredible range of high quality organic chocolate, matching flavours and intensity levels with some of your favourite beverages.

Green & Black's are celebrating their 30th anniversary, and to mark the occasion, they've just launched their Intensity Scale, helping chocolate lovers get the most out of their experience!

The perfect pairing with an Americano

Balance the strong fruity aromas and floral bouquets of African, Costa Rican and Guatemalan coffee blends with the creamy, mid-intensity flavours of Green & Black's Organic Milk Chocolate. Softening the sharp edges of a strong black coffee, Milk Chocolate is the perfect complement to your mid-afternoon coffee.

The perfect pairing with Peppermint Tea


A warm cup of peppermint tea is the ideal palate cleanser after a delicious meal. Why not prepare your palate for dessert? Pair your peppermint tea with a square or two of the luxurious Green and Black's Organic Intense 70% Dark Chocolate. The intense and bitter cocoa flavour is balanced by the sweet and refreshing profile of the peppermint tea.

The perfect pairing with a Matcha Latte

Similar to the first tasting of a dark chocolate, the initial flavours of Matcha can be some-what powerful and bitter, followed by smooth nutty, earthiness. Green & Black's Organic Intense Dark Hazlenut and Currant brings out the nutty flavours of Matcha, whilst the sweetness of the currants soothe the bitterness.

The perfect pairing with a glass Merlot 


Elevate a full-bodied Merlot with a few squares of Green & Black's Organic Intense 85% Dark chocolate; the deep, rich and ruby flavours of Merlot is ideally matched with intense, bitter character of the 85% cocoa chocolate. The full-flavoured red and high cocoa percentage is softened with the touch of Madagascan vanilla found in Green & Black's Intense 85% Dark.

The perfect pairing with a Whiskey

Pair your favourite Whiskey with Green & Black's Organic Butterscotch. This mid-intensity milk chocolate is full of flavour, and the shards of crunchy toffee adds a great texture and a touch of sweetness. The sweet and crunchy shards of toffee bring out the caramel character of the Whiskey, and makes for a great pairing.

The perfect pairing with a glass of Prosecco


Green & Black's Organic White is the ideal, flavour-enhancing companion to pair with the crisp, dry bubbles of a glass of Prosecco. Although lower on the Intensity Scale, the fragrant aromas of Madagascan vanilla still bring out aromatic, sweet and fruity flavours of peach and melon found in the Prosecco.

What are your favourite chocolate pairings?


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