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06th Mar 2020

Aerial Cirque is a deadly alternative experience you have to try

Brian Dillon

aerial cirque in Dublin experience

Since we have been on the hunt to set ourselves free with 7UP Free and try something new for St Patrick’s Day, we decided to try this class aerial cirque in Dublin. And lads, it was so much damn fun.

It’s located on Dublin’s Exchequer Street, so it’s really easy to get to.

Now we have to admit, we were as nervous as we were excited, but teacher Ria helped us warm-up and stretch before taking to the silks.

We started out simple, learning how to do a simple stand position, which is a LOT harder than it looks.

Once we had the basics down, it was time to get to business. Between climbing up towards the ceiling and hanging upside down, we were definitely put through our paces (in the most fun and freeing way ever).

saoirse trying aerial cirque in Dublin

It’s safe to say that one of us did better than the other in this department…

Once we reached new heights, we tried loads of other fun positions and tricks using the silks. Using different techniques that involved wrapping the silks around our foot, we chilled out in a little cocoon position.

After that, it was finally time to go upside down. Besides the slight blood rush to the head, this was an absolute scream.

Again, one of us looked way cooler than the other.

upside down aerial cirque

Then, since we were absolute pros, we moved onto a more advanced trick that involved lots of twists and spins and super majestic positions.

twists aerial yoga

We can’t talk about how unreal of an experience this is without mentioning how stunning your surroundings are. Hidden away in this beautiful studio, it’s a rustic space that truly inspires you to gracefully swing and flow through the silks.

aerial cirque studio on Exchequer Street, Dublin

If you’re #LovinBeingFree looking to set yourself free and try something new for a Paddy’s Day free of cliches, then we would absolutely recommend giving aerial cirque a try. Ria, who is an international Aerial performer with 12 years experience, is a fantastic teacher and makes you feel so comfortable, no matter what level of experience you have. And lads, we were at level zero walking in the door.

While it’s such a laugh, you actually walk out feeling like you’ve learned a brand new (and insanely cool) skill. If you want to find out more and book a class, then you can check out this class aerial cirque in Dublin here.