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11 Fashion Tips You Need To Know About If You're Heading To The Beach This Week

By clodagh

July 18, 2017 at 9:33am


We all love summer — that's a given.

The warm(er) weather, the longer nights and the general good vibes around the place make it my favourite time of the year.

But it can be a hard one, fashion wise.

Do you have to completely buy a new wardrobe and throw out all your black clothes? 

And one of the hardest things to dress for is the beach. From what to bring, what to leave behind and what to pack twenty of, it can be daunting to pack that beach bag.

But take heed of these tips and you'll be graaaand. 

1. Wear your swimsuit under your clothes

Don't be like Eilis in Brooklyn and struggle to get changed when you're at the beach. Be prepared, always be prepared. 

You might not end up getting in the water, but it'll save you the hassle of trying to hold up your towel while simultaneously changing clothes. Not fun.

2. Get a swimsuit that doubles as a top

The bodysuit trend is huge now and that has fed into swimsuit fashion this year.

Getting a swimsuit that passes as an ordinary top is a great way to be ready for the beach, without looking like your nan in her speedos at the gym. 

Shutterstock 563724715

3. Go strapless

You're at beach under the sunshine, you're going to want to put suncream on. But what you don't want is to be fiddling with a million and one straps to cover your shoulders — so go strapless. 

It'll be easier to cover your back and shoulders and you'll also get no tan lines!

4. Summer dresses are your best friend

Picking up a super light dress that you can throw on over your togs will be a lifesaver. If it's too hot for shorts and a top, then this is the perfect cover-up.

Shutterstock 548573509

5. Accessories are key

Honestly, in my opinion, we don't wear sunhats enough. 

They're the best way to look uber glam when on the beach, when in fact they're hiding your messy hair from the sea breeze and protecting your colour. Result.

6. Choose cotton

The last thing you want when you're trying to relax at the beach is stretchy clothes that stick to you. Having just a few items of cotton or linen will make all the difference, trust me. 

Shutterstock 587087750

7. Don't forget your scarf

Hear me out. Scarves are not just for winter. I'm not suggesting you bring your best knit, but a light scarf is ideal if there's a breeze. 

It can also double as a sarong or a bandana. 

8. Get your feet out

Summer is the time to get those sandals you've been dying to wear out of your wardrobe. Bring your sandals, your flip-flops, anything that will get your feet out of your shoes and socks. 

Getting a bit of air on the piggies will be good for them. 

Shutterstock 292520951

9. Bigger is better

You finally have an excuse to use that huge bag that's been hiding at the back of your wardrobe. You always end up bringing way more than you need to the beach, so you may as well accept it and just bring the big bag. 

You deserve it. 

10. Avoid light colours

Beaches can actually be quite dirty and if you're planning on chilling on the sand, you don't want to ruin your favourite white shorts. The brighter, bolder colours work better. 

Shutterstock 285562856

11. Go for an updo

Whether the beach is windy or not, hair down by the sea is never a good look. From the wind to sand to water to 99's, it's better to have your hair off your face. 

Go for a classic French plait or a soft low-bun, and you'll thank me later. 


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