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17th Apr 2018

Six Best Ways To Boost Your Sense Of Wellbeing In Dublin


City life has a lot of benefits, but the hectic pace can really wear a person down.

Between long working days, few breaks, tiresome commutes, fast food diets and busy social lives, your batteries are being utterly depleted every week. That kind of lifestyle takes its toll on one’s wellness. 

By “wellness” I’m not just referring to your physical health, but also your mental state. You need to strike a balance in all areas pertaining to your wellbeing, through exercise, nutrition and mindfulness. 

Of course, that’s all easier said than done when you’re already a highly active individual, but there are ways to take control of your wellness. One such method is to take part in free programmes like WellGood in association with KBC and WellFest, which is a 30-day challenge taking place right now — designed by best-selling cookery author Roz Purcell, GAA star Philly McMahon and performance psychologist Gerry Hussey — that aims to boost your overall wellbeing.

Another way to is to introduce little habits into your week with the sole aim of making yourself feel better in general. Now everyone has their own personal methods of boosting their sense of wellbeing, but here are just six of our favourite ways to do it in Dublin…

Grab a juice from Green Beards

Nothing says “this is going to be a good day” quite like starting it off with a delicious glass of freshly squeezed juice.

These cold-pressed juices are composed mostly of vegetables, but fruit is added to make ’em tastier. These juices are produced in such a way as to extract the maximum amount of nutrients and enzymes from the fruits and vegetables, so you’re doing your body some real good with this stuff.

Sweet, natural and guilt-free — not half bad, eh?

Hit the outdoor gym at your local park

Save yourself some money on an indoor gym membership and opt for a free outdoor alternative instead.

You’re getting physical exercise and you’re getting a “forest bath” — where simply being in green surroundings helps lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduce stress hormone production, boost the immune system and improve overall feelings of wellbeing — so that’s twice the wellness of an average workout.

Outdoor Gym

Climb into a floatation tank

When life gets a little too noisy, too hectic, there’s literally no place calmer in the city than a floatation tank.

Designed to block out light and sound, inside this chamber you’ll lie suspended in extremely salty, lukewarm water where you’ll float effortlessly with neither sound nor sight to tax your mind.

It can a strange experience on your first try, but it becomes sublimely peaceful once you’re comfortable.

Let loose at YogaHub

For someone who’s made the decision to focus on boosting their wellbeing, yoga is an excellent choice of activity to take up, because it acknowledges the interconnectedness of body and mind.

YogaHub boasts a host of lovely teachers who aim to give newbies to the discipline all the encouragement and guidance they need, so you’re put at ease straight away when you start coming here.

What makes this spot extra appealing is the fact that they also serve a variety of tasty bites, which you can enjoy after a class and be safe in the knowledge that it’s all nutritionally sound.

Hike up the Dublin Mountains

There’s something about a mountain that’s just… spiritual.

You know what I’m talking about. These natural wonders can’t help but inspire awe in us puny mortals. They call out to be conquered, so you push your body to reach the summit and the rush of satisfaction you feel upon reaching the peak is undeniable.

Each month there are free guided walks on the Dublin Mountains led by DMP Volunteer Rangers, including options for beginner, moderate and advanced hikers. Grab your walking boots and waterproof clothing to start your mountaineering career ASAP.

Wanna start feeling WellGood today? To follow the free plan in association with KBC and WellFest, click HERE