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18th Apr 2018

Six Cultural Experiences You Can Discover While Cycling Around Dublin


This weekend we recommend you see as many new things around Dublin as physically possible by using that ever reliable mode of transport: the humble bicycle.  

Luckily Just Eat dublinbikes, with their 116 stations dotted throughout the city centre, make a journey around the city easy peasy… perhaps even lemon squeezey.

Think about it, you’re not just killing two birds with one stone by spending the day on Just Eat dublinbikes, you’re actually killing three: you’re discovering parts of the city you’ve never been before, you’re getting plenty of exercise by pedalling all over, and you also feel entitled to order yourself a takeaway that evening after all your hard work. That’s what we like to call a win-win-win scenario. 

While there are loads of cultural experiences you can enjoy while cycling around Dublin, here are just six of our personal faves…

Science Gallery

This is what happens when art and science collide. 

This creative venue looks at major scientific issues and examines them in creative and fascinating ways. 

It’s free of charge too, so you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain by having a gawk.

Nearest Just Eat dublinbikes station number: 32

National Print Museum

There’s something about historical artifacts that holds a certain fascination — and this place has got artifacts in spades. 

The National Print Museum collects, documents, preserves, exhibits, interprets and makes accessible all manner of printed materials from previous centuries, transporting visitors back to bygone eras.

You’ll find workshops there too, where you can get hands on experience of this charming craft.

Nearest Just Eat dublinbikes station number: 56

Kilmainham Gaol

Founded in 1796, this prison acted as a backdrop for some major upheavals in Ireland’s history. 

While taking a tour of the place, you’ll learn about leaders of the rebellions of 1798, 1803, 1848, 1867 and 1916 who were detained and, in some cases, executed on these very grounds.

But as heavy as that sounds, it’s actually a pretty good spot for a date

Nearest Just Eat dublinbikes station number: 97

Dublin Castle

With a history dating back to a thirteenth century Viking settlement, Dublin Castle is positively steeped in history.

Over the centuries the castle has passed along in ownership, having served as British headquarters and their centre of administration, before being handed to the Irish government following Ireland’s independence in 1922.

You can’t help but be struck by the opulence and majesty of this long-standing fortification.

Nearest Just Eat dublinbikes station number: 10

James Joyce Centre

How much do you really know about Dublin’s most renowned author? 

Whether you’re a literary fan or not, James Joyce Centre at number 35 North Great George’s Street is well worth a visit due to its importance in Dublin’s history in general. 

In its secret courtyard you’ll be able to find No. 7 Eccles Street — the address of Leopold Bloom, the main character in Joyce’s classic Ulysses.

Nearest Just Eat dublinbikes station number: 59

Hugh Lane Gallery

All local art lovers need to pay Hugh Lane Gallery a visit at least once in their lives.

Focusing on excellence in contemporary art in Ireland, the gallery plays host to an exciting programme of exhibitions that always leaves you wishing you lingered just a little bit longer.

The jewel in its crown has to be coveted studio and archive of bold artist Francis Bacon, which has proved a major attraction for audiences, artists and historians both nationally and internationally.

Nearest Just Eat dublinbikes station number: 30

Want more options?

Since Just Eat has recently become the sponsors of dublinbikes, they’ve just released this brand new map that shows all the very best spots to visit around the city centre by bike, to make discovering your city as convenient as ordering a takeaway.

Just Eat Map 1

(Click HERE for enlarged image.)

Handy or wha’?

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