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15th Jul 2021

Cycling in Dublin: 10 things you should do during your day out on the bike

Brian Dillon

Cycling in Dublin: 10 things you should do during your day out on the bike

There has never been a better time to hop on your bike and explore what Dublin has to offer while on two wheels. Whether it’s a cycle up the canal, through the park or to and from some of the most exciting attractions the city has to offer, it’s a great way to have an action-packed day out, squeezing in multiple activities and exploring with your mates, date or by yourself.

Luckily, we have NOW dublinbikes to get us around. Available from 5am to 12.30am daily from multiple docking stations around the city. You simply download the app, sign up and choose a NOW dublinbikes subscription, select a bike from a docking station and off you go.

Since this gives us the freedom to explore so much of what the city has to offer this summer, we thought we would highlight some of the fab attractions located around the huge amount of NOW dublinbikes docking stations. So, let’s get into it.


Known as one of Europe’s leading tourist attractions, the museum of Irish emigration makes for a fascinating visit. Upon entering and wandering around, you’ll soon discover that the meaning of being Irish expands beyond our little island and reaches the far corners of the globe. You’re pretty much guaranteed to walk away with an insight you never had before.

The closest NOW dublinbikes docking station is right around the corner at Custom House.

Lunch at Grand Canal Dock

Blending historic and contemporary Dublin into an area that is like no other, Grand Canal Dock is one of the most interesting places in the city to grab a few snaps, people-watch and get yourself a bite to eat, with surrounding spots such as Charlotte Quay, Nutbutter, Milano and Boojum serving up stellar grub that will keep you fuelled for the day.

There are multiple docking stations around here such as Grand Canal Dock, Hannover Quay and Benson Street.

grand canal at night

Head on up to Merrion Square Park

Between the interesting sculptures and green expanses, this is another great place to stop off for a picnic or just some sunbathing. While Stephen’s Green will be super busy on a sunny day, you’ll likely find a more chilled vibe at Merrion Square.

The docking stations around here include Merrion Square South, East and West.

Soak in the atmosphere at Exchequer Street

Home to cafes, restaurants, boutique stores and more, Exchequer Street is somewhat of a cultural hub of Dublin 2. With surrounding streets such as South William Street, Dame Street and George’s street, there are loads of shops, cafes and foodie favourites to pop into. With a docking station located here, it’s an ideal starting point for some city-centre rambling.

Learn about the Vikings at Dublinia

Dublinia is likely one of the best museums to help you see Dublin in a different light. With experts guides and an immersive layout, you’ll feel like you stepped back in time to a city that you perhaps wouldn’t even recognise.

With docking stations at Dame Street and Christchurch, you’ll have no problem getting here.

Experience culture in The Liberties

There is no denying that The Liberties is one of the cultural hubs in Dublin, with its own unique identity that has stood the test of time. With an array of weekend markets, distilleries, breweries, eateries and cafes, you could easily spend a whole day in this beloved area of the city. There are docking stations at Market Street South and James Street.

Over the river to Smithfield

Much like The Liberties, Smithfield is a corner of Dublin like no other. The street art here is thought-provoking, the cafes and restaurants are delicious and the area is also home to Jameson Distillery Bow St.

You can leave your bike at the Smithfield North docking station.

Cycle along the canal

The Grand Canal, running through Portobello, is well-equipped for cyclists and you’ll see many using the route daily. On a sunny afternoon or a clear evening, it makes for a relaxing and picturesque cycle. The stations you can use here are Charlemont Place, Portobello Harbour and Portobello Road.

Head on a food crawl down Capel Street

Capel Street has become a wonderfully delicious corner of the city centre recently. Some of our favourite places to grab a bites here include Krewe, Little Dumpling, Brother Hubbard and The Black Sheep. But that is a small selection of what’s on offer here.

Chill at the Royal Canal

Heading over to the northside now, the Royal Canal provides some great spots to perch yourself, with a few spots (including the beloved Bernard Shaw and Eatyard), providing takeaway food and drinks. Located just after Phibsborough Shopping centre, you’ll find a great buzz around here, especially on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening. The closest docking stations aren’t too far, located at The Mater Hospital and Upper Sheprard’s Street.

What are you waiting for? There has never been a better time to hop on two wheels and zip around the city’s best parks, attractions and more.

To find out more about NOW dublinbikes, make sure to head here.

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