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27th Feb 2018

These Dublin Barbers Are Giving Away Half-Price Snips To The Men Of Dublin This Week

Darragh Berry

Men of Dublin, you know how important it is to get the perfect haircut. You want to be able to go somewhere you can trust and somewhere you know you can have a laugh and a chat about anything.

Taking place between 9am and 1pm tomorrow, ‘Nip In For The Snip’ will let you experience barber shop chat that’s like no other in Grafton Barbers on Grafton Street and in the Arnott’s Department Store.

Irish Life Health, who offer up to €360 back on vasectomy procedures by a GP, is raising awareness about vasectomies in Ireland for 2018 and are partnering up with these barbers to give away half-price haircuts this Wednesday, February 28.

Not only will you be saving yourself some money, but you’ll also be learning everything you could possibly need to know about a poorly understood procedure.

For example, did you know that vasectomies are the most effective form of contraception, with a one in 3000 chance of pregnancy after a successful procedure? Well, you do now.

As well as this, after a vasectomy most men report an increase in their sex drive, as they no longer need to worry about an unintended pregnancy.

We like the sound of that.

How does it all work? Well, vasectomies simply involve sealing the tubes that carry the sperm from men’s testicles to their penis. It’s a minor surgical procedure, which causes a minimal amount of discomfort. Following the operation men are still able to ejaculate, but the semen no longer contains any sperm.

It is carried out under local anesthetic and takes about 10 minutes to complete.

A quick in and out procedure, excuse the pun.

Vasectomy Irish Life9

For further information on the Grafton Barber ‘Nip In For Snip’ partnership follow Irish Life Health on Twitter and Facebook and Grafton Barbers on Twitter and Facebook.

You can also find more information about the vasectomy benefits across Irish Life Health plans on their website.