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Dublin Pubs: The Best Pubs In The World

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Dublin pubs aren’t just places to have a drink. They are some of the most special places in our city, where the most special moments happen. You might even say they are the heart and sole of Dublin life.

No matter where you’re local is and what type of establishment it is, your favourite pub can feel like a second home.

And whether you’re in your local watering hole or you’re trying out a new spot with a few mates, one thing is guaranteed. You’ll get an atmosphere and the kind of craic that you simply won’t find in any other part of the world. Whether it’s a swanky gastropub, an edgy hipster bar or a traditional Irish pub, you can be sure it’s better in Dublin.

So no matter what type of pub floats your boat, you’re bound to find your local somewhere in the city, where you can laugh and gossip, laugh and cry, and create the most special memories.

Dublin Pubs really are the best in the world.

Check out this unreal video brought to you by the LVA and Rockshore.

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