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29th Jul 2019

Dublin Pubs: Where Memories Are Made With Friends Old And New

James Fenton

Dublin has long been known for its unique charm and nowhere is that more exemplified than in the pubs of our great city.

They aren’t just places to have a drink, they’re institutions where we exchange stories, lift each other’s spirits and create memories with friends old and new.

We toast new arrivals, celebrate unions and bid farewell to loved ones. We raise glasses to our sporting heroes and pick each other up when things don’t go to plan.

Whether it’s the place around the corner from home or that favourite city centre spot, Dublin pubs contain the perfect blend of atmosphere and history, comfort and character, craic agus ceol.

New adventures are planned out and old ones are fondly remembered. Eyes meet across the bar and soulmates cross paths for the very first time.

Upon entry, we’re greeted with welcoming smiles and are made to feel at home. There truly is no place like a Dublin pub, anywhere in the world.

Check out this video, brought to you by the LVA and Bulmers, that perfectly captures the essence of Dublin pubs.

Enjoy Bulmers responsibly.