Interested In a New Career Opportunity? This Global Company Is Changing The World From Right Here in Ireland

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Looking for a new opportunity in Dublin?

Global power management company Eaton is tackling some of the world’s most urgent energy challenges from right here in the heart of Dublin.

As a multi-billion-dollar business with almost 100,000 employees and customers in more than 175 countries, Eaton doesn’t set its sights low - it wants nothing less than to improve the quality of life and the environment for everyone.

To accomplish this lofty goal, Eaton’s global headquarters in Dublin now hosts the company’s Centre for Intelligent Power.

This fast-growing team is dedicated to solving the toughest energy challenges on the planet, developing efficient solutions for the digital world to harness electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more safely and sustainably.

Here's where it gets interesting - The Dublin team is looking to double in size in the coming months. From data scientists, engineers, designers and developers, to supporting roles in areas like finance and legal, there are plenty of opportunities for talented people who are excited and inspired by a more sustainable global future.

So, what’s life like at Eaton Dublin?

For Simon, a global category manager, it’s a place where every day is exciting, engaging and meaningful: “it’s important to me that my daily work matters and that I’m contributing to a greater vision”.

Celine Notin, Talent Aquisition Strategist at Eaton's Global Headquarters in Dublin, says that working for a company like Eaton and knowing that you are contributing to helping the environment is incredibly rewarding.

She told us: "Even though I'm not an engineer, I really enjoy working for a company that's trying to preserve the planet.

"It makes me feel like I can play my own little part."

Working for Eaton brings generous professional benefits too — including flexible hours, wellness support and frequent social events.

As you’d expect from a team of people contributing to save the planet, staff in Dublin also love supporting the community through volunteering, fundraising and partnerships with local organisations.

This year they’ve joined forces with the Dublin Simon Community to help the homeless.

Diversity is a big theme too, with experts from around the world rubbing shoulders under one roof in Dublin.

Madeleine, a lead analyst, told us she loves “collaborating with colleagues who are highly skilled, experienced professionals in a dynamic, multi-cultural working environment”.

Think you have what it takes to work for Eaton? Find out more about this change-making company and how you can get involved here.

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