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06th Feb 2018

The EuroMillions Jackpot Is Now €116M — Here Are Seven Absurd Things You Could Do In Ireland With That Kind Of Cash


Whenever we hear about a preposterous sum of money that’s up for grabs in a lottery somewhere, we find ourselves dreaming about what might be.

We don’t fantasise about the sensible things we’d do with that money, oh no, we just think about all the weird stuff. We’re talking about the truly outlandish craic you’d get up to when money is no longer an object.

Since Tuesday evening’s EuroMillions jackpot is now €116 million, which you can bet on using right now, we invite you to join us in pondering the positively absurd things you could do in Ireland with that kind of mulla…

Hire out Funderland for a whole night

When you’re as rich as Conor McGregor, do as he does.

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Fund an obscure Olympic sport to make the Irish team champs

Take inspiration from the bobsledding Jamaicans of Cool Runnings and make Ireland great at, I dunno, trampolining.

Trampoline Olympics

Hire a crack team of private investigators to finally find out what happened to Shergar

A mystery so great that it’s on par with how they put the fig in the Figroll.

Brown Horse
Wherefore art thou, Shergar?

Finance a new season of Blackboard Jungle

And once again experience the thrill of watching teams of secondary school students wage trivia war.

Buy your own island off the coast of Ireland

It’d be a bit like Castaway, only you wouldn’t need to hunt and forage for your own food, you can go back to the mainland whenever you feel like it and, oh yeah, you’re be a feckin’ multimillionaire.

Desert Island

Create a Guinness-themed amusement park

People love the Guinness Storehouse. People love Tayto Park. We’ve done the maths and we’re preeetty sure the punters would adore Guinness Park.

Guinness Gif

Erect massive umbrellas nationwide

They say that Ireland “would be a grand country if you put a roof on it” — so why don’t we? Once you’re rolling in the cash you can place a giant roof over every village, town and city in Ireland, thereby forcing our daily conversation to become a hell of a lot more interesting.

Giant Umbrellas

You can bet on the €116M EuroMillions jackpot with HERE.

Please bet responsibly. 18+